This is really getting to me!

Just started prozac. It’s been a week. My anxiety it crazy. My paranoia is making me sick. I’m looking around at everyone at working wondering if it’s me they are talking about. This sucks. I’ve been paranoid my whole life. This is the worst I ever felt. Could these thoughts be real??? Could they really be worried about me?

Sorry you are feeling paranoid. Has your anxiety gotten worse since starting the meds? If so you may want to talk to your doctor and make sure you aren’t having a negative reaction to them.
Sending calming thoughts your way.

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I’ve heard that some meds can take up to two weeks to really work so if it hasn’t gotten worse may want to give it a little bit more time. Close friend of mine is on 80 mg once a day. Don’t want to know your dose but wanted to share that. She has struggled with eating disorders for about 30 yrs. It is very improbable that everyone surrounding you is worried about you or talking about you. You be you. We will always love you for you.