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This is so important and to know what we need to constantly check in on those around us


Hi Friend

You are absolutely right, thank you for that. It is so very important to check in on others but without becoming a nuisance to them but just enough to let them know they are safe they are being thought about and they are loved.
Thank you again

Yes - to do that, and yet to do that without feeling anxious about checking in on their anxiety, right? Haha. It is a careful balance of /caring for others/ but not being overly burdened by it. And that line can be hard to walk. But certainly seeing that this experience is normal gives us motivation to ask “how are you” and lean in to what their answer might be because it can be so easy to glaze over the underbelly of people’s struggles, but if we press in a little, we’ll see that everyone is hurting, and our care or compassion can make a difference in providing love, hope, understanding in moments they need it.