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This is something people who’ve never had major anxiety or severe depression may never understand or empathize with. One of many reasons we suffer in silence. Growing up in a constant fight or flight state has caused muscle tension, tightness around chest, social anxiety & suicidal idiation for me personally. I’ve been of all anti-anxiety meds for 8 months. Learning how to feel these feelings and work through the root cause has been the hardest part for me. Yoga, breathwork, meditation & finding a support system to call with no judgment. :v::heart::sparkles:

I do not know how you suffer, but my daughter does in her own way. I applaud you, my daughter and all those who suffer with depression and anxiety, and it’s effects, for making your way when life is not a joy, but a burden. In the past, for my daughter, being awake in bed for the day has been an accomplishment.

It is real work to get off meds and to learn to live in the feelings and the reality of the root causes of your pain. This is to be commended! I pray you’ll find true rest and relief along the way. Having a support group is essential. You are always welcome to come here for the support we can offer. Here you do not have to suffer in silence.

@heartsupport appreciate your support. We do heal. Having @heartsupport has been a great tool for my son, @nick_b813 he really was looking forward to attending the @heartsupportfest in Orlando. Unfortunately, funds just won’t allow it. Thank you for this platform! @beneaththeskinorg is another great resource. :v::heart::sparkles::wind_face:

Yes - there are a lot of layers to it. There’s the social layer of - people who haven’t had it don’t get it. And that is hard because oversimplification is so belittling. It can be hard to share, to open up, to have people who don’t understand not be able to relate or inadvertently condescend because they just don’t get it.

Then there’s the physical layer of - I experience regular physical difficulties because of this. It literally makes my life harder. My inner world manifests in these troubling ways, and I have to physically deal with the struggles inside of my head.

Then there’s the feelings under that of - yes, I can deal with physical symptoms through medication. Yes, I can do some triage-related physical recentering work. But I’ve got to face the feelings and let them stop completely consuming me. I have to be brave to face them, to feel them, to find a better relationship with them.

And then under all of that - it’s like, this is caused INSIDE of me. And going into my own story, identifying the roots of it. Remembering and working through trauma. Forging new interpretations, overwriting old narratives, having compassion for the younger places inside of me.

It is a lot of work. To just exist. That a lot of people don’t get. And the journey is so long and so arduous - it feels like this invisible burden you carry that just makes daily life heavier.

But at the same time there is beauty in it. Learning self-love, learning compassion for yourself and your story, learning kindness to your soul, to others…there’s SO much fruit from engaging. It is not all just negative. The transformation is worthwhile and beautiful, and as you develop, you feel an immense sense of pride in yourself.

Thank you for sharing about your journey.