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This is weird for me

Well. Here we go. This is really strange for me. Usually I’m the one giving advice and helping others. When I start topics it’s to help others and share my experience. But here I am. Thinking this wonderful amazing place. It’s my last place to go.

I’m not sure how to go about this. But, I’m struggling. I’m having a really low time. I don’t have depression. But I’m human. I get depressed. Hell, I’m an ex cutter and I beat my depression. But, now I’m going through a break up. And we still have to live together for the next couple of months. She’s been able to move on. And good for her. I want her to be happy. I was convinced that I fell out of love with her. But, now I’m not so sure. And it’s too late. And it just hurts. And I’m not sure what to do about it.

Living with someone you have gone through a break up with it seriously one of the hardest things. I went through this a handful of years ago. My ex husband and I separated our first time, but we had to live together for a while as I needed to prepare for where I was going to go next. It’s really tough being stuck under the same roof as someone you are supposed to be trying to move on from and heal. It causes you to get stuck in an emotionally confusing place. It resurfaces and retriggers emotions that sometimes can be really hard to understand. It’s like trying to walk around in a fog. It’s easy to feed those sensitive emotions and fall in the wrong train of thinking when they are right there all of the time. Instead of being able to be away from them and in a place where you can clear your mind, heal, recover and try to move on.

So I totally get it.

I had to find a friend that I could stay with as often as I could. I didn’t move in with them, but I stayed with them for a little while until I could figure out my resolve. I needed to be in a different house hold. Where I could just free my mind and get in a healthy place.

Do you have any friends or family members that you can just stay with for a little while, while you try to work through your break up? Do you think that if you were able to be in another place that it would be easier to move on from her? Or are you feeling like you want to try to re-patch things with her?

The struggle with that is, if she has moved on and wants to move forward from the relationship, then trying to re-patch it may be wasted energy. You definitely want to respect how she feels, but also if it’s a healthy thing to do, then sure, try to work things out. I can’t say since I don’t know you and your situation

But either way, I hope that your situation gets better and resolve in a way that you can find peace.

I’ve been there. So you are not alone.

Hold Fast

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@Enkou666 ,
This topic hit me, i know what having a low is like. I had a low lastnight (but also this past weekend) with believing a lie of not feeling good enough and it hit me mentally. You are not alone. i know break ups are hard especially when you have to live with them for a couple more months. just know this pain will go away and it WILL take time. your so loved

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@Enkou666 Hold Fast friend. If you want the art that I made for you , email me: [email protected]


Thanks guys. It’s just rough. And I knew I could come here. I love this place so much.

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