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This news is draining me


So back when i was 16-18/19 my Dad had someone new help us around the house because i don’t drive and my sister isnt really able to drive yet till october of this year if she passes the test. Today i found out the lady well, isnt doing well . She has cancer. This hit me mentally and physically . I dont know what else to do besides be there and stay strong . I really hope she kicks cancers butt. i know she’ll get better but will she? when i found out all i wanted to do was cry . i went on a walk . i couldnt even finish the walk. why do i freaking feel this way. just why.


I am very sorry to hear about the lady that your father hired. I hope she gets well soon and has a speedy recovery. You feel the way that you do because you have compassion and empathy towards people and you care. I will defiantly say a prayer for her.