This past two year has be the worst for my anxiety

2019 has been the first year me trying over self harm and impulse behavior. Before I was on anti depressants, it work for year then I reaplse on self harm and anger. I have over a mouth clean, but this week I felt the urgent to punch myself and bang my head against the wall. Instead I was able to punch my bed and pillow, however I did drive out of conttol today. I had my mother pick me( which made her skip her work and feel like shit about it.) I been getting really bad at work, it gotten to the point I could not work anymore.

I have always been like but the medication made it worst and then I got off of it. I do CBD and it help a bit. But I still have really bad impulse. I feel the med fuck with my brain and not the same

In addition my health insurance sucks, America’s has the worst health insurance on the planet. I can’t afford DBT therapy and even I get information on mass health is a nightmare and do complicate. I can’t even have peace for my health.

I do at end of the day why should I try to improve myself and I don’t know if I could change.

I may not be going what your going through but my friend Ammon has been going through the tough things you have been going through so please no you’re not alone. You are loved land people can relate so please never forget your not alone, Also I believe you can be your best self by doing little things that others will most likely reciprocate only elevating your way of life so always try to be the best you in whatever way shape or form that may happen because to me you’re already the best you but always try to step forward and only make your way of life.
Sincerely, Garrett


Hey @Metalskater1990, I can relate to so much of what you’re going through. Not necessarily for the same reasons, but I have experienced the a lot of the same forms of harming myself. I’ve experienced being in pain and having it cloud my judgement especially at inopportune times, and it can definitely feel like a miserable existence in the moment. I’m sorry that it’s affected your work, this just sounds like an all-around difficult situation.

As far as insurance is concerned, I’m sorry about that because I know how much that sucks. In my honest opinion, healthcare should be universal. If money is a concern, you can get a 7-day free trial through HeartSupport for BetterHelp which is an online counseling service. I would encourage you to check out the resources page here and see if anything there might be helpful to you:

It’s never too late to make a positive change in your life friend. You’re not alone, hold fast.

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Hey there, friend. Just wanted to share some encouragement with you by video, my community took some time to read your post together and we want to be right here with you. If there’s anything we can do, let us know. We believe in you.



Dear Eranwest

Thank you for reaching out, you guys are on heartsupport are awesome and I did finish rewrite book. I should try to get the other books.

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