This weekend has been hard

This weekend has been really rough for me, i woke up yesterday morning blarely being able to even walk/stand and it’s getting a lot worse i can’t move really what so ever without crying in pain. my mom is saying i’m going to be fine. i can’t keep doing the pain, advil isn’t helping the pain at all


I’m so sorry that you are in pain right now, @Horselover200246. Once again your mom has reacted in a way that is inappropriate - receiving the medical assistance that you need is not a luxury, but an essential need that she, as a parent, has the duty to give you access to.

I strongly encourage you to call your family doctor and/or a children helpline as soon as possible. This situation can’t stay like this anymore. We can listen to you here and encourage you as much as possible, but there are steps that you really need to take on your end. There have been repeated red flags regarding your parents attitude. Appropriate services need to be contacted so you could receive the help you need - and your parents the assistance they need in their own parenting.

Here is the HS list of crisis and hotline resources. I’m regularly updating it - if you need any help to find the right services for you, it’s not an issue for me to do some research.

It’s okay to ask for help, friend.


hi there,

in light of how long and how often you’ve been in similar situations, it really seems like it is time to go outside of the circle of support you’ve been in contact with. Reaching out to the resources Micro shared is the best way to get real help, help that your parent seems to be unwilling to ensure you are given.

We are here to support you in all the ways we can, and that includes letting you know when it is time to contact the appropriate agencies for the help you need. Make the call as soon as you can so that you can get the assistance you need now, an your parents can also receive the help they need.

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I’m now talking to a friend about it. Since they have an car. the pain has let up now since i got sleep an used heat. but yeah my support people are still deciding of what to do with my mom at the moment


I’d advise you and them to take some concrete steps. It seems things have gotten to this point many times, and then not followed through when you have started feeling better. It’s time to break out of the cycle and get that help. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I mean this in the kindest way possible - it’s up to you to make the decision what happens, not your support people. You’re the one who is being directly affected and your health compromised. Wishing you courage and a good day!


yeah i’ve been trying to do things but it’s hard when i’m scared of cops/cps, but yea i do need to start to do something about it

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It’s okay to be scared. We all have our own perception of police and child protection services. However, oftentimes it is filled by what we see in movies and what others would say about it here and there. The reality of these services is that people working there are willing to make sure your needs are made, first and foremost with the help of your parents and not against them. Separating a family, for example, is not done systematically - it’s actually a last resort.

A step you could try to take for now could be to reach out to a child/teenager hotline that is not necessarily for abuse situations, explain what is going on at home and asking how things could be if you involve a type of protection service in it. Just getting information first to easy your fears/have a more clear idea of how things could be. They would surely respond to all the questions you need with all the discretion you need (more often than not, hotlines/helplines are anonymous and don’t appear on a phone bill).

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