This whole pandemic sucks

I was supposed go to on trip Puerto Rico this year, but mostly will be able to go. In Massachusetts you need have to two licensed to go on a plane or passport. USA is not providing passports and i have get my second license in October. This whole pandemic fucks with everything. I never travel as much, because I don’t have a lot of money. It get anger when I see white privileged kids and rock stars travel the world and become better people. Some of them don’t work a day in their lives and I don’t make enough to get our own house and have to two week vacation. I work a shitty dead job and no future. I see so many people that has better lives than me and have romantic partner and all cool friends. I can’t never see different cultures and be able to step on another country. But fucking rich asshole get to live life to fullest and get everything they want. I’m selfish as shoot because I know have roofs and family. I am shitty human feeling sorry for himself and I can’t help my feelings. I fucking hate when people say “ oh you can travel and you just need save up.” Also seeing everyone with a thousand of friends and while other people are lonely. I hate fucking be positive additide, I know I’m an assholr for saying that. I get sick of hearing life could be better.

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Right there with ya buddy. I hate when people say any sentence with the word “Just” in it:

  • “Just grt your paperwork in order”
  • “Just call…” Maybe I would if I speak this fricking language
  • “Just go to a gym” I would get 10 freaking personam trainers who lived in a mansion with me and made my food and workout schedule if I could
  • “Just make friends” I would but I am shy and I don’t like going out and people who like going out.