Those moments where things might end and yor ok with it tw talks of dying

I was sitting and my lungs burned from inhaling cuz my brother is getting High and I thought maybe I was having a heart attack and I was completely fine just dying right then and there


It sounds like you were feeling quite anxious at the time. Maybe you should be somewhere else when your brother is doing that. Yeah, the heart attack feeling is commonly associated with anxiety. I used to experience anxiety in the same way.


Not really I live in a small run down trailer and I wasn’t anxious I just inhaled and my lungs felt like when u inhale the air from the snow so unless Im just used to being stressed out and just noticed it for some reason I don’t know tho I try not to think about things much anymore


I think I know the feeling. I have thought i was dying several times in my life (overdoses and such). It feels almost peaceful. Dont be alarmed by feeling this way. Once you have knocked on the deaths door your perception of death changes. There is less fear and more stillness. Someone said that a person who fears death can never be truly alive. So here you go. Go be as alive as you can be. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there @Derpplup,

I have surely felt that way sometimes, generally while going through some kind of emotional numbness, when anything that would have usually stressed me only provoked in me some kind of “meh, whatever” reaction. It is weird because a part of the mind realizes that maybe we “should” feel differently, but there’s also just no energy nor willingness to try to feel anything different.

Regardless of the reasons behind, I hope you make sure to stay safe and to take care of yourself as much as possible. Sometimes our mind tricks us in a magnificent way, as the stress we feel can pile up silently.

You know already that many people here are willing to listen if anything comes to your mind that you’d be willing to share. Thank you once again for your vulnerability and for your presence. :hrtlegolove:

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I would imagine that would be a shock to your system to be concerned you were seriously ill and being fine with the outcome. I hope that you can recognise that feeling something for a fraction of a second doesn’t mean it’s a feeling which represents who you are.