Thoughts are wild tonight

I’m just sat thinking tonight…

For those in Gen Z, you’ll know the answer to this question, but other generations often don’t see how difficult we have things

Everyone always says “you have it easy”. Yeah…that’s right because it’s normal that we are loosing people to their mental health every day, loosing people to addiction and shootings.

A few days ago was 9/11. I was just coming up for 1 years old when this happened and terrorism still baffles me. Few years ago in the UK we had the Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester. Why do people take innocent lives?

I was bullied right through school. I still ask myself why. Why the hell did the school not step in when I told them I felt unsafe

Why did my father abandon me? Was it something I did? Was I that repulsive?

Why was I ‘blessed’ with a disability that’s incurable and can’t be treated?

So many unanswered questions, yet no further to actually answering them

Now tell me that the thoughts of a Gen Z child or adult is easy.


Every generation has its challenges, but I really do believe that life is becoming more difficult. Things are becoming more stressful and confusing. I actually think terrorism is the result of mental illness in the form of “neurotic extremism.”

When I was growing up, bullying was absolutely routine and teachers simply looked the other way. Families fell apart. Other families stayed together while being tragically toxic.

I don’t believe life has been easy for any generation. There were different things to worry about at different times. There have been wars. There have been economic collapses. Racism has led to unspeakable crimes. There were sweatshops and extensive use of child labor. There have been earthquakes, fires, floods, and epidemics.

My dad left when I was 10. Frequently there was no food or heat in the house.

With all that said, and with all things considered, I am convinced that nothing is easier for a Gen Z child than it was in past generations. Society and technology might be a bit different, but human nature remains essentially unchanged.

Gen Z is facing an existential threat with climate change.

My heart goes out to you.

You have a big heart, @EvilGenius, and I hear how heavy it can be to feel the hurt of so many people. It’s painful to see so many wrong things happening and dramatic situations taking place, especially when they left us feel helpless, and especially when they just don’t make sense in the first place. There’s a lot of injustice happening in this world and it’s so heavy when you feel the depth of it. It leaves you with this big question “why” - but even just a short word can hurt like hell.

There’s many “why” that I kept - and still sometimes - ask myself regarding events that occurred in my life - or in the world in general. My mind tries to make sense out of it because my heart cannot bear the pain. And somehow, I know that there is no real answer - or at least that none can be provided. Still I need to live with the reality I was dealt with, and how it still affects me in the present. It’s tough pill to swallow, and it feels utterly unfair to have to do the work by ourselves.

Through the things that happened to you, one thing remain certain: you were not the cause. Your disability, the fact that your dad left - it’s unfair and profound injustices. But it was not your fault, and it will never be. It’s not things that were in your control. It’s not things that were your responsibility.

I hope that, with time, you will find your way towards the peace that your heart needs so very much. This anger and sense of injustice you feel are absolutely valid and, somehow, it is part of healing but to feel it all. Recognizing that you were wronged, and refusing that it will take the best of you, is so powerful.

Thinking of you today, and rooting for peace in your world. You deserve it so much. :heart: