Thoughts or day dreaming I guess

Ever just think of hurting myself, I could be watching tv and just the thought of it , just distract me from what I was doing , looking at something sharp. I mean I don’t think I would kill myself, but hurting myself yes


Hey @Lillian25,

It’s good to see you, friend. I’m sorry these thoughts have been present though. You don’t deserve any harm.

When this type of thought seems to come out of nowhere, in a context during which there is nothing explicit that would explain it, then it can be interesting to try to dig into that and understand why these thoughts are present. Which is generally tied to circumstances in our life that are not satisfying to us in one way or another.

What are the burdens that you have been carrying lately, friend? I would love to hear some updates from you. This community is here, willing to support you. You deserve peace. :hrtlegolove:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Lillian, Thank you for posting, I am sorry that you are in a place right now that these horrid thoughts are coming into your mind. What do you think is causing this? Do you have a plan that you use when these thoughts arise? I have found a page for helping yourself when the urge to self-harm occurs. I hope you find this useful to you, I also hope that if you want to talk about any other problems you are worried about, please just lets us know, if you don’t that’s fine too but I hope that too can get sorted out. Much Love Lisa. X
Tips for coping with urges to self-harm right now - Mind


Hi Lillian25

These urges you are dealing with are common, you are not the only one dealing with them Lillian. There is help outhere. I am going to post a link to a video that guides people how to deal with such urges. Hope it helps :wink: Self-Harm and Self-Care: Tips on How To Cope - YouTube



Hi @Lillian25 I have these types of intrusive thoughts a lot. That’s all they are tho… thoughts. I try to dismiss them as much as I can but sometimes, they turn into urges. I posted something on another thread about how I have been learning to cope with these urges. I will just copy it here for you. “When the urge comes for me to self harm I remember that it’s only an urge, not a “must” and I try to ride the wave of impulsiveness out. I acknowledge I’m having an urge and notice my thoughts and feelings without trying to change them. It can feel uncomfortable, but that’s ok. The urge will pass after 20-30 mins and the more I can sit and tolerate my uncomfortable experience and urges the less influence they have on my behaviors. The more I practice mindfulness by breathing and trying to stay more present and observe my internal experiences and discomfort, I can become more able to ride it out.” I hope this helps in some way. You are loved! ~Mystrose


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, Lillian25! I’m sorry you keep picturing yourself getting hurt by sharp objects. Are you wanting to harm yourself or is it the curiosity of what it would be like? They are two very different things but difficult to see the differences between them. What makes you think about harming yourself? Understanding why you are having these thoughts can help you keep the urge from happening. Understanding ourselves a little more can always help us control our own actions more and stop dangerous thoughts and urges before they get out of hand.

And posting here can help too. We are always here to help you. I hope the links the others are sharing help you. Good luck overcoming these urges :hrtlegolove:


From: micronious

I really hope you don’t hurt yourself. You deserve love and light my friend. You are perfect just as you are. If you can, just breathe in nice and slowly … imagining a white light filling you up and swimming inside every cell in your body … be wrapped up in a warm, loving feeling … now… breathe out and as you do… picture the negative energies inside you flowing out with your breath. Picture that as a color … watch as it leaves your body… Try this for a minute or two … Vibrate at a higher state and you will begin to smile and hopefully giggle as well! I truly hope this can help you with a moment of peace from those thoughts friend. Good energies to you and your journey!


From: SuchBlue

Hi Lillian!
You’re not the only one who’s thinking about things like that every once in a while, or maybe constantly, and it can sometimes turn into an urge. Feel free to tell us what makes you have these thoughts if you know. Keep us updated, we’d love to hear from you :hrtlovefist: :hrtlegolove: