Threw It Away, Now What

I threw away my suicide letter…Now I’m not sure how I feel…if I’ve failed, or accomplished…I genuinely hope I don’t come to the place to feel I need to write another… My mind gets bad and I think I’ll put my death in my own hands.


In case you’ve not told yourself this: This is a victory. I am so proud of you friend.
If you come to that place again let me know or make a post.
You are loved and you matter.
Hang in there.

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Just keep fighting. God is with you to fight those battles for you. Trust Him, my friend.

Hey @God_Is_Love - it takes a lot of strength to throw away your suicide letter and I’m proud of you. Keep holding on. I promise it’ll get better. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will. Hold fast. We care about you.


This is a victory. Flat Out. You won this battle. The war is not over and we are here to fight with you. We can help you get to the top of the mountain. Here at Heartsupport we have books on selfharm and suicide and they can get to you. One is called Rewrite it will help figure out what is the next step.

Not just that but HeartSupport has a discord where you can talk to people who are going through the same thing or have over come this. They will most defiantly share how they over came this.

I love you screen name God Is Love and you should remember in that song Death where is your sting for the resurrected king has defeated death. He has already taken that pain for you. You are part of a community here that loves you and wants to help you figure out the next step. Which first is knowing your life means something. You are worth it.

Hold Fast.

Hit me up on Discord if you wanna talk about this. MorganVinHoch

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