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I’ve lost four people this year, my brother is a heavy drug addict and will never leave my parents house and I feel so bad for them. And one day when they are gone, I’ll have to take care of him. He doesn’t want rehab and doesn’t want help. I’m just dealing with so much


You will get through it. Life isn’t always easy but it’s worth it, you can not see it now but I believe you will in a soon future :heart: hope you’re okay

Hey friend,

I’m so sorry for your losses. In such context, but even without it, it really makes sense to be worried for your brother’s health. It’s so hard to witness someone we love struggling with something heavy such as an addiction, yet knowing that they’re not ready to face it.

As you mention his rejection of rehab or support, I imagine you talked together about it and you’ve been trying to actively help him. You are a good sibling, and you’ve certainly been trying what you can, you’ve been using what’s in your power. Unfortunately, his willingness to be helped is something beyond your control and something you can’t force. Denial and shame can be strong. Though it might change, with time, and seeing people around him who are genuinely caring for him is important. It’s not without any effect and it’s not useless. On your end, it’s also really important to take care of yourself, as the walls he puts between you can be difficult to accept.

If you can, please don’t hesitate to seek professional advice and counseling. For yourself, as the emotions and situations you’ve been navigating into are difficult and your voice matters. Also eventually, if you’d like to receive some guidance and help for this situation with your brother. There might be services or communities that could help you in this situation, thanks to their own experiences and insights related to addictions and how to support someone we love.

I’m sending hugs to you. :hrtlegolove:

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