Tics? i don’t know what to call it

there’s a whole lot on my mind lately and I’m just trying to sort out this whole mess, so here we go.

i’ve always had like- really shaky hands. well, it’s not thaaat bad but it’s bad enough to make some things that need detail work nearly impossible to do. kind of frustrating sometimes. but no one ever really took it seriously.

and then there’s also this something that I like to call “tics”. it’s when my whole body just kinda twitches. been having that one for a long time now, though it’s gotten from confusing to downright annoying over the years. at first it kinda felt like a cold shiver running down my spine. but it evolved to my upper body just…? twitching?
I don’t even know how to explain it. I always fear I’ll drop what I’m holding, when it happens. And i’m always holding something, because otherwise i’ll get fidgety lol. the most annoying part is the thing with my head, though. it’s gotten so bad that my head just jerks to the side (or down, if i happen to look up).

There doesn’t seem to be like a pattern or something though. I always thought it was because of my anxiety but it doesn’t matter where or when. It just happens. It used to be like maybe only once a week but now I’m lucky if I can get through my day with maybe just two or three of these tics. They only last a few seconds at most, but it’s still really annoying.

Strangely though no one around me has ever witnessed it and only know, because I talked about it once or twice.


From: OoZS (Discord)

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to post on the forums! We are here to help and to love. I’m sorry to hear how your tics are affecting your life. You didn’t mention in your post about if you had seen a doctor. That would be my first port of call to make sure you don’t have some nerve damage or something of the kind (I AM NOT A DOCTOR). I would definitely go see a doctor (I know I repeated myself) But a few tests could be the change in your life you so obviously want. We all love you and hope to hear from you again.


From: Micro (Discord)

Hey friend, I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this. It’s definitely annoying to deal with uncontrolled reactions from our body. I can relate to this since I’m struggling with shaky hands as well, and jaw clenching. In my situation, it is due to a medication, which is very frustrating since I can’t stop to take it either. My heart goes out to you. It just sucks that, on the top of our mental health, we have to deal with unexpected things happening with our body as well! I can imagine that it might be hard for you not to focus too much on it or wonder why it’s happening. It’s really good that you acknowledge what’s going on though. So many times we can be tempted to let something happen without taking care of it. I hope you’ll manage to talk about it with a doctor in times to come, just so you can get some answers and receive the help you need on this matter. As for the emotional support, you know we are here, always. Please take care of yourself fam’, both your mind and your body. You are loved dearly. <3


From: j71s8 (Discord)

I can understand the difficulty in having a movement disorder, it is very difficult to have. There is so much that can make life difficult. There can be many issues that come up. However, there are also many times that other things like anxiety and depression, as well as other physical issues can also cause you to become nervous and jittery, or have other issues causing those tics too. I am not a doctor, but i would highly recommend you get checked by a medical professional if you are having constant tics as you call them as they could be something simple to fix now. You are worthy of health and wellness. You deserve to be on a path that continues wellness and health. You are loved, you matter and you are cared for


I haven’t seen a doctor for it yet, since my parents only recently started believing the severity of it. My mother said she was going to make an appointment soon though.

I gotta say, today was especially annoying. The tics became more intense, and happened so many times in such short time, it was hard to focus on anything.

I’ll give updates on the situation.


I’m glad to hear your parents are taking it seriously and are getting you a doctors appointment that is good news to hear! Make sure you politely make sure you know when the appointment is.

One way I cope with some of the tremors that are due to my history of seizures is by giving myself so grace with them. Tics and tremors are a bit different, but they sure do get annoying always having stuff falling out of your hands, being unable to move stuff, and being a general klutz. I did go through a lot of hard times when i first had issues where i would do things i shouldn’t and caused a lot of difficulties and ended up hurting myself because the tremors were not under control. At one time i would be unable to use a form because I accidentally stabbed myself in the hand trying to eat. It was at that point i went to see the doctor about my tremors. I started getting some specific therapy routines and one of them consisted of a physical therapy routine that helps me make purposeful movements with my body as opposed to non purposeful movements. Surprisingly its easy to do this. I found it was fun to do simple exercises and do them to the beat of electronic dance music (I love EDM, can’t deny my love for 120-140BPM and 4 on the floor) and i realized i would start doing things to the songs and while it may seem a little “odd” i was able to get it down so i didn’t have as many tremors and it actually got me some modern dance classes paid for by my insurance too (I still can’t dance but it was well worth it for the confidence boost in my own self). There are many non-traditional ways towards better health and wellness that can also help, so there are many positive ways to go, and you are doing a great job so far. Keep going forward, and thanks for keeping us updated on everything! You are loved!


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