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Hi, I’m starting to realise that I’m not stupid, but I have a terrible memory. Please, if anyone has some revision tips to help me remember information, please I’m begging you, tell me. I really need help with this, it’s been going on for 3 years and I still haven’t found my way of revising, I’ve searched for so many websites for revision tips but they never work. Please, anything will make me feel a bit better because I feel so worthless about this.

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Something I was taught is to associate different key points with different items around the room.
So, what will be in the room that you’re taking exams etc in that is also in the room you study in? A pen. A table. Paper. 4 corners of the room. Pick out key phrases/words from points you need to remember and attach them to those things. Then, when you look at those items, you’ll remember those words/phrases and remember the point you’re trying to come up.

Another thing I was taught was to take mints in if you’re allowed… It sounds like you may have some test anxiety like I did, so when you walk in, no matter how much you revised, you’ll forget… If you can chew/suck on a mint, your mind will be more focussed. The other thing is to read your notes out loud and study before bed. Whilst you’re sleeping your mind processes the things you’ve done through the day, so when you sleep, it’ll be fresh and easier to process - reading it out loud not only attacks the visual part of your brain, but also the part that takes in audio, so it’s going in 2 different ways not one.

I hope some of that helps? Alternatively, listen to some music (without lyrics) and study a particular area with that music playing, you can find some instrumental only popular songs online… then when you think up that tune, you’ll start remembering things you’ve read.

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Thank you I’ll try that for tomorrow! :blush:

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