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Tired all the time

Maybe it’s a thyroid thing. Or maybe I really am just a lazy slob. I’m tired and groggy all the time, no matter how much sleep I get. I get the recommended amount of sleep and it’s great for a couple of days and then I tank. The tiredness is a heavy weight that smashes down on all the other things that are bothering me. Or maybe all the other things that are wrong with me are causing the tiredness?

There is no end to it. I don’t have the funds to get my thyroid checked right now. There’s two things I need to see doctors for and I don’t have the money. I think I have a stress fracture in my foot, this sharp little ache just won’t go away.

I just want to stop being tired so I can feel and live and actually have the energy to do self-care tasks.


This sounds really hard. Being tired all the time can definitely make dealing with the rest of life a lot harder. I hope you find a way to get in front of a doctor and/or counselor so they can help you figure out a next step. Praying for you <3


From: JtheJester (Discord)

hey ZenniLyn! Sorry to hear there’s been an accumulation of things that are starting to take their toll. If you’re unwell though, you’re definitely not a lazy slob! Take some time for yourself to unwind from the stresses of life. I could suggest finding something you can do that could help you relax a bit, take some of the sting of the stress away, like doodling or something. Something that does’t recquire much attention but that can be rewarding. There will be an end to it, and things will start looking up for you! No storm lasts forever, and there will always be the sun after the rain :). Keep on keeping on!


From: OoZS (Discord)

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with sleep. It can cause issues in all aspects of your life. The other things that are wrong like you say could be a root cause of your poor sleep. Conversely hypothyroidism can also cause you to have poor sleep as well as joint and muscle pain. Do you have issues with being cold at night times?. It’s awful you can’t afford the tests you need to confirm but it looks like something that would benefit you greatly. Just know you are loved and cared for and we are always here if you need us <3


From: j71s8 (Discord)

Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. You are loved, you matter, and you are cared for greatly. Being tired all the time is such a difficult thing to have happen! I have epilepsy and I get really tired at times from it and i can only imagine what a thyroid issue must be like! On top of than your foot is in bad shape! I would try to seek for your foot if there’s anywhere you can. If you live in the usa, you can find coverage from a bunch of different sources that are available directly from the federal government, covid has made it easier to apply for benefits you probably didnt know you were eligible for. Something you can do right now is start journaling whats going on. One thing i love about journaling (I journal myself), is that you can write down a list of what you accomplished that day (write down even the “small” things like taking a shower and brushing your teeth, or eating a meal. You are loved! You matter! You are cared for greatly!


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