Tired of being here

I’m tired of being used took advantage of not being wanted around being a burden on everybody

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Can i ask who is taking adv of you? and you are not a burden and are never gonna be people care about you and your stuggles and what your going thru and over all who you are as a person so don’t let the get to you. There will always be those people who make you feel worthless and unimportant or like they don’t want you but you have to leave them and get them out of your life there are better people for you out there people who will accept you for who you are you just have to look and make friends who will be there for you

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I just feel like a burden on everybody everybody thinks because I’ll give them anything they want so take advantage of my kindness

If those people are making you feel like that then you have to tell them something or try to talk it out unless thats not your way to go.

well it’s like my girlfriend for the past 7 years takes advantage of me up and leave me in middle night don’t tell me where she’s going I’m just so ready just to give up I feel like the world would be better off without me suicide in my family my little sister committed suicide in October that’s why I get on here because I have no one to talk to

Can i also ask y you havent left the relationship? And the world would not be better off with out you thats why you were put here in the first place you have a purpose and there are people who care about you im am always here to talk to. Which is also the same reason i got on this site cuz i felt the same way. and i am so sorry about your sister its hard to lose a family member especially when their younger i hope you know it is not your fault that what is happening or what has happened, happened. You are a strongggg person you are still here and that means a lot

And I really appreciate you talking to me it help so we have three children together little girl and twin boys is there five and four and I’ve got up at 3 in the morning every morning and it never gets better and there’s always drama I hate drama I’m just messed up in the head just don’t know what to do anymore I feel like just giving up

Yessss of course anytime and i think if anything you should tell her you need some space or you can ask her to watch your kids for a little while you think. I think you should talk to her about how you feel because i know for a fact that leaving this world is not an option and neither is giving up.

I’ve tried to talk to her she just gets mad and when I try to talk to her about my suicidal thoughts and my being bipolar she said she don’t want to hear about it which there’s other things short fallings in not being good enough for people

Are your kids the only reason you are staying together or what is stopping you two from leaving. Im sorry if the question comes out wrong it just seems like you arent very happy with her not talk to you

No it’s not just only the kids I really don’t want to throw 7 years away I don’t want to take the time to have to learn and know another person that’s why I just don’t know what to do anymore

Yea well i can see that but has she ever tried talking to you about anything like how she feels or anything

No she gets man leaves I just don’t know what to do

Mad and leave and acts like it’s all my fault

Well that is completely unfair to you. Is there any thing or way to get her to listen to you or sit with you

I don’t know if she will. Or not I’m just tired of being alone

If anything and you need some one to talk to you could always talk to a close friend or family

I don’t have any friends and my family is tired of hearing about my problems

What makes you think there tired

They tell me they don’t want to hear about it no more