Tired of life

I am feeling tired and losing hope. It’s been years that I’ve been on and off having depression or anxiety. I want to DIE right now. I’m tired waking up each morning, I am tired dealing with people, I am tired supporting my siblings, I am tired that I am alone. I’m not doing well at work either because even if I do my best my supervisor hates me. All these things sums up my reason wanting to die. My husband has been telling me to go to the doctor for help but I dont think doctors can really do something. All they care is money. They wouldn’t listen to me coz I am sick and a failure. I don’t need this life. I don’t know why am I still alive :frowning:

Hey there,

I’m really sorry that you are feeling this low. I’m feeling quite the same tbh but I hope that you know that there is so much we go through every single day but we get ourselves through by whatever means we can because life can often be a fight, it doesn’t make it right but we owe it to ourselves to get through and fight for the happiness we deserve.

You may feel at odds with people, your friends and family will mourn for you and that isn’t a lie, people do care, it’s just the lies our brains tell us.

That voice in your head telling you that you aren’t anything, that you’ll never amount to anything, that’s all that little bastard will ever be. YOU are the one going out every day, going to work, fighting through rush hour traffic and commuters, you are doing your job as well as you can, that’s YOU! and I for one am proud you are holding on in there.

You can do it man! Honestly! Message me if you want someone to talk to, even if it’s just a brickwall to throw your problems at, hopefully they’ll shatter or crack a bit.

Safe journeys man!


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Thank you for your kind words. I hope we can win this battle.

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Here if you wanna talk.