I need to go to bed. Not sleeping last night made me a emotional wreck during dinner for 30min. And then family came over as company with extras attached to the hip didn’t help.

I really wanted to write a super long support post but I’m too emotional and it exhausting me more.

Instead I will try watching a video about acts. Maybe that will clear my head as I take notes.

And yeah I cheated the 9 character title requirement but who really cares


#myownemotionsexhaustme :smile_cat::speak_no_evil:

Oh friend, feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, especially if you didn’t sleep, is sooo justified. Sleeping is incredibly restorative. And it’s often when we lack of it that we realize how much we need to get some rest.

I hope your nights have been better since you posted this. Hope you allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling during these moments.

Take care. Be safe. :hrtlovefist:

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Mico it has been amazing. Since then I’ve been able to go to bed around 11pm instead of 1am or 4am that I had trained my system for by staying up all night staring at people who go live