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To anyone who needs this


Hi there Heart Support Family,
I know i’ve been away for a while but i just thought i share a few thoughts with you tonight. I came back from an okay rehearsal. During it, doubts began to flood my mind: “I’m not good enough,” “i shouldn’t be here,” “I’ll never be good enough,” “i’ll never get to where he/shes at,” “they’re probably thinking i’m a bad singer in their minds,” etc. It sucks. Maybe some of you have felt like that in a situation too. That you’ll never measure up to who people want you to be or who you think should be. But where you’re at right now is okay. It’s totally okay. We’re all on different journeys in life. Yours will look different than mine, and mine will look different than yours and so on. Just because you see someone “ahead” or “doing better” than you, doesn’t mean you’re behind or you’re doing a bad job. You’re just at a point in YOUR OWN JOURNEY. Don’t compare yourself anymore. There’s that saying that comparison is the thief of joy, and it is! Love yourself where you are RIGHT NOW. You’re doing great! Know that you are enough. You got through today even if it was hard and that is freaking great man!! I’m proud of you for pushing through! When you keep going when voices around you keep saying to give up, celebrate that! Keep going! It’s like the song from The Greatest Showman. Send a flood to those negative thoughts, drown them out!! I know theres that ol saying that says “i can’t drown my demons, they can swim.” But i believe in a God who is so so much more powerful than that. Sure, maybe we can’t drown them, But God Can.
You are all amazing. I don’t know what kind of gifts and talents y’all have, but i know for a fact that they’re amazing. And that you are going to do great things with them. This world needs you, it needs you in all that you are. I’m so proud of you guys. Don’t compare yourself and never ever be afraid to reach out. There are people in this world that are so willing to help and love you right where your at. Don’t lose hope, you’ve done so well. Keep believing.
and just please know that you will always, ALWAYS be enough.
Love you guys. Hold fast and know i’m praying for you :purple_heart::muscle::metal:

(lyrics in description) :slight_smile:


Thank you so very much for posting such an encouraging message! I think it’s so easy to get caught up and compare ourselves to others. So it’s even more important to rely on God and know that our worth is not dependent on what others do or where we are in our journey in relation to them because like you said, everyone has their own journey! No two journeys will be exactly alike.God truly is so much stronger than any doubts we could ever have. Thank you again for sharing this! Much love!

Hannah Rhodes


Thank you so much for sharing this! This is so encouraging and so wonderful. Honestly something I think a lot of people here can benefit from. Thank you for being a part of this community. We are so very thankful for people like you. Thank you for all the encouragement and the song suggestion. I love that band, they’re wonderful and Joel absolutely loves HS. Thank you so much!

Hannah Presley