To everyone here <3

I know every single one of us here is struggling with our own problems and I know how it hurts us to the core of existence. I know it drives us to a corner in an insane state of mind that a lot of people can’t understand the pain of it, they don’t know what’s it like to be completely shattered. I’ve been battling severe depression and mental abuse for years with my own mom telling me that it were best that I took my life. It’ll be the solution to everyone’s problem she said. Nothing could ever hurt as much as your own family giving up on you, the very main base support that prefers your death. I’ve attempted suicide 4 times ever since she told me I was better off dead.


I want you all here to know that we are a lot stronger than we think we are. We are absolutely Beautiful people with deep empathy. We are such incredible fighters and we have to give ourselves credit for being immensely brave to have come through such a long journey and that we still choose to be alive! We are loved, we are important, and it’s Okay to feel the way we do, it just means we’re living :slight_smile: It just means we’re human. Things may seem like they aren’t getting better and that you literally feel like disappearing. I’m not here to say the typical “it gets better”, but I will say give it time. We need patience and effort to work things out for ourselves in the best way that we can. In our own time and At our own pace. The best thing you could do for yourself right now is to fuel that broken and emptiness with self love :slight_smile: Easier said than done, but for as long as you start with small steps and set it as a big priority, you. will. see. progress. Harsh truth is that no one can save us but ourselves. But instead of feeling horrible about it, try bit by bit to start giving yourself that love only you can provide to heal okay? Start with tiny, tiny steps and build your way up. You may get discouraged halfway but as long as you remember the reward you’ll get at the end, it will be worth it. Your reward will be you feeling good about yourself and that you’ll be so badass that you don’t need the approval of others. I’m so very proud of every single one of us here that gives 101% of effort to just keep on living no matter how incredibly damaged we feel. We are never alone, we got this! We just have to keep on trying! Love you all so very much. I hope you’re eating well and getting enough rest <3 *hugs


This is beautiful and I am glad you are alive. You deserve to Live!

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Thanks a lot for your message mate!

I believe this will help a lot of us. It’s sad I can’t put as much time as I would into this, but this sums up everything pretty well!

Have a great day

Pioggia :sunflower:

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KT, you’re absolutely right! Strength, courage, patience, and love are qualities that every bad-ass shares! To walk through Hell, and come out of it a better person, takes more strength and heart than most people can comprehend.

All life has a purpose and a meaning, we all deserve an equal chance to live it to the fullest. Nobody is worthless, useless, insignificant, or better off dead. No matter how awful of a person they might be, violence or suicide is never the answer.

To forgive those who’ve wronged us takes even more strength and patience, and it can be extremely difficult, even for the biggest bad-asses among us. I still struggle very hard with forgiving my own abusers, I still harbor a tremendous amount of rancor against them. But forgiveness isn’t about making the other person feel better about hurting you, and it’s absolutely not about letting them back into your life to play their old mind games. It’s not about them at all, to be perfectly honest; it’s about YOU. Letting go of their control over your heart and mind, relieving your own pain, soothing your own fears, and letting yourself live that best life that you deserve to have.


Hey there

Our community really needed this today, so thank you for this

A lot of our community drew inspiration from this


Thank you beautiful hooman! :3 I appreciate your kind words ! A whole lot ! Have a nice day :3

You’re absolutely welcome and it’s okay ! I genuinely respect that we will have priorities to attend to :slight_smile: Thank you and I hope you have an amazing day as well!!

KT <3

I loved every bit of what you mentioned in your reply and it is beautiful! I know it gets hard to explain because our minds tend to blow a fuse very often, but trust me when I say I can relate to every single feeling you’re going through. You are amazing, you are loved and you are enough! <3 Always always enough!

You’re absolutely welcome and honestly I wasn’t expecting a video response, it made me smile like a fluff ball :3 But yeah! I just want everyone here to know that we’re awesome hoomans :sunglasses: I hope you have a nice day and I love your hair <3 Makes me miss my pink hair as well ~

Lots of love,
KT :3

Thanks so much for your post and words of encouragement @KTthecatlady! Rock on! :slight_smile:

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