To much to handle

I sufferd from ptsd, anxiety, and depression. I thought I was doing better I got a new job in December working with some really great people. I was keeping busy. but now I feel like I hit a wall. been having an anxiety attack more. I feel more alone now then I have in very long time. not sure where the light is anymore. I want to go back to cutting again just to take the pain away for a little bit.


The light is still there keep fighting. And cutting can be very hard to not fall back into but you can stay strong!

Hold fast

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Hey Ann, it always hurts me to hear from people who cut. I always mention this, I do not judge, but just do not know the feeling. As I have also mentioned, my way of self harming is by drinking, and I hate it! Although, I know the feeling you must get when you want to do it!
So some advice, maybe try to pinpoint certain things that are triggering your anxiety. I know you mentioned that you feel alone. Did something happen to sort of seclude you from the people or a person at work? Maybe you can try to plan a get together with some of them, or maybe even a certain person after work.
Sometimes all it can take is having a physical support system there to help you out. Again, I’m not sure the feeling you may get, but if I am with someone, doing something to keep my mind off drinking, it helps a lot. Be it going to the mall, or to the park, or even just inviting them over to play a boardgame. Then if you feel alone anytime while at home, you can have these people to call, or maybe even to play online games with.
Personally for me, I go to a lot of the HS streams to keep me busy. I’m not sure if you have checked them out, but I am personally into art, and Dan even does streams where he does hands on tutorials to teach art. I hope some of this advice helps you. I mostly try to give advice using things that I personally do to keep my mind at ease. If you ever need to talk or have questions just message me ok. Much love and so glad you posted! Hope to see you soon!

Hi, Ann

I’m sorry you are having a hard time right now. As someone who also has PTSD and severe depression I can relate to these feelings. I have periods of time where I seem to be okay and other moments where I just spiral downwards and have a hard time coming out of it. Recently, I’ve been in one of those moments.

Something that I do that helps me is find a relaxing and mind calming playlist to listen to on Spotify and pandora. I have a few that I listen to that I’m willing to share with you if you are interested.

I know it doesn’t resolve the depression but it’s a nice way to help the anxiety calm down and bring you to a more stable place.

I do art when I can to channel my anxiety away or watch things on YouTube. One of my favorite couples that vlog on YouTube are called Simon And Martina. They used to live in Korea but now living in Japan. They have a lot of interesting videos. Always showing interesting foods. They have old videos where they buy really weird and unique items off a Korean website and interview them. It’s entertaining and funny if you are ever down and need something to cheer you up. Just look up “Wonderful Treasure Finds aka WTF” on YouTube and it’ll come up.

Meditation is also a great way to bring down the anxiety. It’s even more enjoyable I think if you have a friend you can meditate with and talk to before and/or after. It’s a good way to clear your mind and allow yourself to talk more calmly after.

Bubble baths or bath bombs are another great way to escape. Alongside some music and dim lights.

I’m really sorry it’s been hard for you but I hope maybe something here can be of help to you. I know sometimes nothing really helps and just having a friend or something to spend time with can be better. I hope that someone can be there for you and offer you some comfort.

If not, we are here to listen to whatever it is you may be going through. I care about you and want you to know how important you are. Please hang in there