To much work

I wish I could drop out of school my mom probably wouldn’t let me, I’m educated in stuff outside of school and can remember how to put a car together but I cant even do simple work in class. I’m so overwhelmed and my work keeps stacking on top of me and I can’t do any of it cause I don’t know what to do. I wish I had enough strength to keep going but I just can’t I’m to overwhelmed with whats going on with stuff at home I can’t even remember where I put my wallet that had $140 in it and doing chores I just can’t handle all the work that’s stacking up there so much my brain can’t even process it. I seriously need help.


@huntershelton I’m sorry that you’re going through this, I bet it’s extremely difficult. I would suggest having a really in depth and open conversation with your mom about how you’re feeling and see if there’s anything that you guys can work out together to maybe make things less overwhelming for you. If that doesn’t work maybe you could ask her to take you to a professional, like a counselor/therapist so they can help you even more.


Dude juggling school and life is hard! If you think you’re mom won’t let you drop out, then maybe having a conversation with her might help. Maybe tell her if you stay in school then you need help from her with chores to lighten the load. Getting something like that off your plates saves a lot of mental energy. Also highly suggest seeing counseling. I honestly saw the campus counselor in college to help with stress and time management for school.

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It sounds like you really need to recharge your batteries. Have you heard of the expression to fill your own cup and feed people from the overflow?
Can you do something nice for yourself even if it’s just for half an hour that you completely detach yourself from outside sources of stress? Have you ever heard of mindfulness or the headspace app?

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