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To my Abusive father (TRIGGERING WARNING)


I’m 20 years old (a adult) I can make my own choices my disabilities do not define me It was my choice to kick you out of my life not mom.any male can be a father it take a man to be a dad all you did for me is teach me how people shouldn’t treat me. Thoughout the years you changed you used be so nice to me caring then started being abusive to me (Locking me in my room,Hitting me,name calling) at age 17 I almost kill myself because of you I run outside threatening cut my throat with a knife the divorce happened I knew before the divorce I was going kick you out I remember you fighting with mom a day before I was upstair in my brother room with them I was crying I know something was going happen DID YOU EVEN LOVE MOM? Because you got over here very quickly everyday she come home SHE put us to bed/cook for us/want to our school event and meeting and you were at work you left home early and come home late and you would come home to us eating you wouldn’t sit at the table you would go to bed or go to laptop now i deal with PTSD,depression,anxiety,cutting to take away the pain you cause I have been sent to the hospital for mental health issues I don’t like you near my brothers you turning them into you (rude) i remember the day they come home and told me they took pills from the floor because they thought it was candy I hope you get your right took away to see them because you don’t deserve to see them from what i heard you leaving the state show them the real father you are NOT staying to watch them grow up ya my brother is graduating high school and you not going be there WOW


Hey there,

Thank you for being here with us and sharing this. I hope writing this was cathartic for you. I am sorry you went through as much as you did. That had to have been so difficult to say the least. Your disabilities do not define you and neither does the abuse you experienced. You are so much more than what has been done to you. We love you and hope you know how valuable and loved you are.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


I’m sorry that you have family who has been neglectful and hurtful to you. I grew up in a very abusive, toxic and unhealthy family surrounding so I can certainly relate. M fathers were not around much and my mother was an alcoholic and addict.
Family struggles are always hard to learn to cope with because they’re the ones you’d think and hope would be the most supportive and loving for you and it’s not always the case.
I’ve learned in my years that my true family is the one that I create. I surround myself with people who make me feel good about who I am. Even if it’s just online. They become my family. I know it never really feels that void of those who have hurt us like your father, but it can help.
I’m sending you so much love, friend. I hope one day you can find peace and resolve in your relationship with your father and your family.



I’m sorry you went through. I’m not sure if you are going to forgive your father, but I hope you are taking care of yourself. This community is here for you and we are with you. We love you.