Today and tomorrow

Today felt like a breath of fresh air compared to my rant and jumble I saw my brother and best friend Marcus.a huge support in my recover and best friend since high school.seeing how good he was doing reminded me of what I had and I found my self discouraged.the apartment his stuff and his relationship I had and I felt like all the hard work I put in was for nothing and I felt used.I walked home and just the walk alone I was like wtf.but I no at some point things will turn around and I will be able to forget all the memories and move forward.
Tommorow I get to see my 2 boys I haven’t seen or touched in a yr.I’m very excited to see them.there interaction .interests and if they remember who I am.I’m happy to have some support in this and thank ful for the people I have around but deep down there’s still love why?why would I still miss her and want to help ?

Just keep guarded. You’ve a connection with her that is why you still have love for her. Put your focus on your kids. As for your brothers life. It isn’t your life & it is not fair to compare your life to his. You are two separate individuals afterall. You need to only compare your life as it is now to your past & learn from it. Move on and always try to do better.

Thank u its good to here some feed back.

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Dont feel discouraged. It’s normal and natural to feel that way. But dont let what anyone else has currently affect you and your will. You just need to keep working hard and being the best you you can be. you got this.

It just hurts a lot because of everything ive gained.I no its material and the beat is yet to come.I just don’t understand how I would still have a concern for my ex when I no she’s doing what I feared.she has been making multiple fb accounts acting as me.its becoming fearful to even have one and to move forward