Today been long

today been really long and rough this afternoon i pretty much ran away from my family to just meet my bff and to just get away from my mom. i’m rn dealing with the aftermath of it my mom is mad at me and my dad isn’t very mad just not impressed with me rn


Hey Horselover,

First I want to say thank you for coming to the support wall. This is a safe place, and you are loved and you matter.

I am one that often runs when things get intense, or stressful, and I need time to cool off and collect my thoughts in order to ensure that I can have a healthy conversation with that person about my feelings and frustrations.

But with that I have also learned how important it is to communicate that to the people around me, so they don’t think that I’m just “blowing them off” or being passive agressive.

So here’s something I encourage you to do either face to face, or writing them a note. Let your mom and dad know that when you get upset or you have a rough day sometimes you just need some time away either alone or with friends to clear your head, and collect your thoughts. Let them know it’s no disrespect to them, but you want to be able to have healthy conversations with them.

Now I’m not sure how old you are either, but if you’re under 18 sneaking out of the house, is usually not a good choice. It gets parents worried, and that’s not something that’s healthy for either of you guys. Which might be part of the reason they are upset as well. So make sure you communicate with them like hey I’m going to “x’s” house to collect my thoughts and take a breather. I’ll be back in “x” amount of time, and we can talk through things then. Is that okay?

Having that conversation does a few things:

  1. Let’s them know in that moment you’re not okay/you don’t want to talk
  2. You need to be away from them (alone) or be with friends to process everything going on
  3. You respect they are your parents, and you’re still the child
  4. And just setting those time limits, letting them know you’ll be back in x amount of time, and when you’re back you’ll be ready to talk.

I hope this was some encouragement to you, and would love to hear an update/your thoughts if you think this would be helpful or not.

Stay well friend.

With Love, Hold Fast,
Monkey (Olivia)


Hey @Horselover200246 ,

It’s been a couple of days since you have posted this and I hope that peace has been present at home again since it happened. It’s definitely not comfortable to deal with the aftermath of such decision, and somehow it is understandable that your mom was mad if they had no clear indication of where you were. However there are surely calm and healing ways to communicate that, which I hope they did.

Please let us know if there’s any way we can support you.

May this week end be a good one for you.
Your deserve so much to feel the love that is present for you. :hrtlegolove:

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