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Todays my last day of school

I’m feeling pretty okay today other than like intrusive thoughts I guess but that’s something that I’m thinking about like all the time, but like right now, it’s not really bothering me. I’m pretty sure I’m passing all my classes with decent grades and I’m glad I am considering I was failing so bad like a few days ago. I can’t wait for it to be over. I brought both of my DS’s to school so I could challenge someone to Mario kart lol. And I brought my tortilla blanket so I can like… not be cold in 3rd period for once. I also have Arizona tea, and I’m pretty sure I did my makeup decently today. So yeah, I feel good. Hopefully, it’ll last throughout the day.


I’m pretty sure you passed with decent grades too. So now you can breathe easy for a bit.

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Hey @brokenglass , I just wanted to drop by and say it’s great to see you posting and sharing your life on here. I think it really helps other people who also have bad days and struggles to see that they’re not alone. So even the most mundane day, a day where nothing much happens-no big epiphany, no big lesson- is still worth posting about on here, because others will read it and get to form that empathetic connection with you and just, not feel alone.

Congratulations on making it through the school year!


Hey @brokenglass,

It’s heartwarming to read that you are enjoying the present moment a little more. Happiness is found in so many little things around us, and it’s such a good feeling to let ourselves be aware of it. School is over now, and you are going to have a well deserved rest. This year was tough, but you’ve made it and I’m sure you’ve done your best. We’re proud of you. Get some rest, friend. Enjoy all the teas, warm blankets and video games you need. Now is a good time to recharge your energy and focus on you. Hold fast. :hrtlegolove: