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Tonight been rough (Tw suic*de and Selfharm)

Parents can feel powerless when it comes to their kids, esp if they aren’t good at the emotional stuff themselves. I think it’s great that your friend is trying to talk to them, and I hope they see the need for it!

Would a brochure or something help them see that there is a process a parent should folllow to get help for their kid, and that it isn’t an individual thing? Would something like this help them to see that they don’t have to go through it alone, you don’t have to go through it alone?

Some things you can share with them are:
_ it’s been going on for a while and nothing seems to help/control it for very long
_ sometimes it’s the chemicals in the brains that get wonky and it requires actual meds to get them back to the proper levels, and you literally can’t just snap out of it
_ you appreciate your parents and their efforts, but they aren’t trained for this, and there is a reason that doctors aren’t suppose to treat their families, sometimes we’re too close to the person to be able to help them objectively
_ you need someone who’s trained and experienced to give you advice, tips and tricks, and to help develop your coping skills, soothing skills, etc
_ maybe they can also talk to someone and that way they’ll be able to have better communication with you, so that they can understand what you’re going through a little bit better.

Wishing you a good relaxing day today, and hope that you know we all care about you.


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