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If I talked to someone (besides here, this is the only place I trust) I’d get reported and then they’d tell my parents and then… I wish I lived in a life where mistakes were okay to make. They may be for you, and I wish I was someone like you. Because you can actually be happy. But who knows maybe tomorrow will be better. Unlike today. Unlike yesterday. Unlike the day before. Unlike the day before. Unlike the day before. Unlike the day before… Today could have been such a good day…


You’re wrong. If you talk to someone, you will have support and they will keep you safe. Don’t believe the lies your mind is telling your right now. You came here because you trust us, you said so yourself. Please, please tell someone. Everyone here wants you to. :heart:


Let me ask you this Do you want to get better?

  • do you have a good relationship with your parents
  • the only reason why they will tell your parents is bc they WANT YOU TO GET BETTER.
    i understand that some people may not have good relationships with their parents but seaking help is the best option … i also echo what @Mystrose has said …

Getting help is worth it i promise you that.


I understand the whole things are always bad because that still how it is for me but there are days that it’s okay. It will be okay sometimes and sometimes it won’t but we’ll be here to help


also @anon48571861 listen to this when you get a chance this has resembled me so much recently …WHEN LIFE BREAKS YOU - Powerful Motivational Speech - YouTube


If I talked to someone (besides here, this is the only place I trust) I’d get reported and then they’d tell my parents and then…

I’d like to hear from you the rest of that sentence, if you’d be okay with it. What would happen then? I saw that you mentioned your parents in your safety plan, so I assume they are safe people for you, even though it’s always scary to have our parents know about our struggles if we’re not used to have that kind of talk with them. But, what would be likely to happen if they were told about what you’re going through, according to you?

Know that there isn’t any right or wrong response. Just how you envision how it could be - and potentially what’s preventing you from reaching out in that response, so something we could discuss here together.

We love you.


I’m sorry everyone. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m an idiot. And I’m a burden. A waste of time. If I wasn’t here you could spend so much time doing what you want, being happy, making the choices you want, and you wouldn’t have to be here looking at some stupid little edgy british furry who doesn’t even deserve to find out about this place and type one word. So no. I don’t want to get better. Because if I tried to get better I’d make another post here. And no one wants that. How could you want me here? I’m just a stupid person online who probably is just overreacting. I don’t deserve help. Because for however long I’ve been here my stupid brain hasn’t realized that maybe it should’ve just done what whoever responded to my first ever post said, so I wouldn’t be here in this mess. I’m worthless. I don’t deserve to be here. I don’t deserve to live. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to live. Because I just want to go home… Is that to much to ask? I don’t want to stay here any longer and screw things up. So I’m leaving. Tonight. And this time it’s for good. And nothing you say will make me feel better. Because I can’t get better.

Also, this is Ashton. He says hi.

Also please ban my account and delete all my posts. I don’t ever want to come back on accident.

P.S. to show nothing is wrong here is something to make you smile. Click here, (it’s a song idk how to put in videos)


Did you know that YOU are the only person who says those negative things about yourself? No one here thinks you are not worthy of being here. We are all here for the same reason, to get support and also give it. A lot of us feel the same way you do, you aren’t alone in this. We come here because we know others here can relate and have felt what we have.

We understand and see you @anon48571861 :heart:


@anon48571861 I responded because I wanted to. I wanted to help and you are not worthless. I care about you and want you to be here so please talk to someone or use your safety plan. I want you here. I want you to be here and for you to get better so please don’t go

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Suffocation, choking, cutting arteries, biting, soon enough I’ll find out how to do deprivation… I’ve failed every single time. Dang it.


Have you ever given yourself the chance to try and live for yourself. I know this planet is a bitch to live on. I want off all the time, but the reason we are here is to do whatever it is that gives us purpose, and mold the world into what we want it to be to fix this place. What gives me happiness is helping others and caring for others, seeing others happy, seeing other people develop through life, and just spending time with people I care about in general and that’s what gives me purpose. That’s why we respond, because we want to help you, we want you to see what we see we want you to be happy, we don’t want to see others suffer, because we care.
Please be careful about your decision.


How could you want me here?

I care about you.

This might be hard to believe as somehow I’m just a stranger to you. But I do. I’ve been on this forum for two years, and I can remember the increasing majority of people I’ve talked to. Their struggles. Their life. The things they like and shared here. Many are not around anymore, because that’s how interactions go on this forum most of the time, and online more generally. But I do remember. I think of them, and I wonder how they’re doing sometimes. For a little while, I was part of a group of people who were reviewing old topics to add tags on it. You have no idea how much my heart was full, re-reading those conversations. Yes, it was about painful and difficult things most of the time. But that was life happening right there. Not just words to comfort someone or feel good. It was life. With all its beauty and ugliness. That’s how connections are in places like this one. And that’s how I feel in my heart. It belongs to me. And as much as I understand how hard it is to wrap your head around the fact that people see in you things you don’t perceive, what’s in my heart belongs to me and is something that you cannot change.

You are not “just” a pixelated username behind a digital screen. You are a human being with thoughts, feelings, emotions, a whole life that is yet to be shared, embraced, and lived.

I understand your need for a break. But I’d like for you to keep the door open, not to use it as a way to push yourself away from things that are good for you - a place to share your voice, a place to be heard, a place to be safe, even just for a few minutes.

I care about you, and I still feel honored for sharing these parts of life with you. What you think about yourself doesn’t change the way I see you and how much I respect you. :hrtlegolove:

PS - Ashton is so, so adorable. Thank you so much for sharing this picture. It brings a huge smile on my face. That’s how much of an impact you have just by being you.