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Tonight's Struggles (TW-SH)

Voices tried really hard to make me hurt myself tonight. I don’t know where it came from or why, but wow. I was glued to my boyfriend for about an hour and he considered taking me to the ER. Then, they just stopped and I haven’t heard a peep for the last 10ish mins. I don’t feel like I need to go into details, but I’m just posting because I’m proud of myself and my boyfriend for the way he handled things.

I’m still shaking…



I’m glad you’ve posted this as Progress, because it truly is a victory to acknowledge. I’m sorry you’ve been having such a rough time though. Fighting against an urge to do something and the fear of what could happen consume so much energy. The hardest battles are sometimes done by staying still and holding on to the others around us. You’ve succeeded today. Keep that post right here with you. It will always be a reminder of your strength and what you are capable of, even in the middle of an inner storm.

I hope you can rest your body and mind and that calm while be more present for you today. Take care of yourself. :hrtlegolove:


Hi Mystrose
Hugs :hugs: .I am so glad that you and your boyfriend managed to pull through this situation. It must have been terrifying but you have showed those voices that they dont hold nothing over you. You are strong Mystrose. super strong. I am glad you have shared this. Its full of hope and love. Thank you :wink: :heart:


oh Crap what happend?

I am so gratedul that Greg was there Rosie, and I hope you are now getting lots of rest. Im proud of you as always. You are strong enough to push those voices away, I think you had a wobble yesterday, you kinda knew something wasnt quite right didnt you? But hey with a little help you beat it and you will contiue to do so, you are strong arse woman. Ill speak to you later. Love You xxxx


the river, seeking its normal path,
not mindful of its destruction,
not hopeful for a new course.

I’m glad you fought past this. I firmly believe your brain is resisting the “new” things before it, and trying to maintain the status quo - the familiar, the norm that you’ve been fighting for years.

Keep strong, keep mindful friend. the meds are helping, this is the last-ditch efforts to keep you in the old state. But you’re ready for growth and progress and even more healing! The voices know that they are probably going to be shushed more consistently soon and are trying to get the last word in! Grateful G was there to help and hold you through it too! <3


Not gonna lie, this made me giggle.

I don’t know what happened to be honest. I was working on the wall in front of the base we’re making and they just started really strong all of a sudden. It actually gave me a headache. They were yelling and making me so confused.

My boyfriend was a champ tho and helped me to stay semi focused on the fact that the voices were not real which kept me from giving in to them. Sometimes, it’s just easier to give in, but I didn’t.

@Micro @Ashwell @Sita Thank you :rose: :hrtlegolove:

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I am glad you had not give in Mystrose. You are a champ and your boyfriend too :heart: :wink:

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