Touch starved

I’m so touch starved that I dreamed I hugged someone and it felt like my world was being put back together I feel so incredibly alone lately


Hey @Derpplup,

I’m sorry that you are feeling so alone today. Missing meaningful connections can be so heavy. For what it’s worth, I’m sending plenty of virtual hugs your way right now. :hrtlegolove:

Is there something you could do to treat yourself today?

Hey Derpplup,

I just want you to know you are not alone in this. When I was younger I used to believe no one would ever love me. As time goes on, things get better.

I’m proud of you for reaching out.

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It’s not a matter of feeling unloved it’s a matter of having those relationships and interactions in meat space rather then just online but I’m very isolated socially doctor my disabilities and gender identity

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