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Toxic traits

Ever since my first heartbreak, it seems like I have never been able to learn how to love. Every relationship I’ve had has ended in such negative impact that it makes me wonder, “is it really me?” I believe to have found a great opportunity with someone new that has all traits from which make me want to better myself but at times, I feel like an option or just not good enough. Where do I begin to not only offer better but improve my overall happiness. Apart from other minor breaking feelings, this seems to always be a toxic trait of mines.

To be honest, asking the question is a great first step! It shows you’re taking self-improvement seriously, which is a GREAT treat to have, and you should pat yourself on the back for doing that! (Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. I’ll wait…)


Good job. Now, as for overall happiness, in my experience, the best way to get closer to that is to help other people be happy! Whenever I’m focused on myself, I start to get down, but if I can distract myself from myself, that helps a lot! If you can do that, you’ll find out just how encouraging and positive you can be!

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Never thought of it this way! Very different perspective, thank you so much for this Paul!

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