Toxic world

Somedays i wonder why i am still living…

I have come to realize that no one cares about me. no one in my community. no one in my church. none of my friends. not my family.

i could be dead and the only person that would notice is my partner who calls me a few times a day. i could be missing and no one would look for me except my boss to report to work.

no one calls, no one texts, no one messages it takes days for people to message me back when i initiate a chat with them.

i get the same excuse from my Christian friends…the same blame…the same empty promises…the same crap that made me walk away from faith based reality of America.

the more i read the Bible the more i realize how toxic the church has become.


I feel the heaviness of your heart. I know that hearing people say that they care and that things will get better feels empty when your sitting in this place that feels isolated and lacks hope.
I have felt the hurt of being withdrawn and feeling that nobody would notice if I wasn’t there. Some days those voices still try to speak to me, but I believe there are people out there who would embrace you fully and can understand the plague that mental health brings with it.
Some people don’t understand and think that the words of religious hope should make you “better”, but that’s not how it works. No matter what you believe in religion wise, there really needs to be a bigger focus on accepting and helping those who struggle with their mental health.

You may feel alone in your current place, but you are not alone in you struggle. As much as we can we will check in and do what we can to support you.
Have you spoken to anyone about how you’re feeling currently?
Thank you for being here and sharing with us. I know it’s not always easy to talk about.



Hi Friend, I’m sorry that you are feeling alone and that the world pretty much sucks. A lot of it does for sure, but there are good things out there too. I hope you find something that makes you happy. I would invite you to look for online communities. I don’t know if you know what Discord is, but it’s a communication tool online that people use to form communities. Heart Support has one and you can look for the link on the website if you’re interested. We hang out as a community on Twitch when Heart Support live streams during the week. All the info is on the site. We’d love to have you. ~Mystrose


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, thank you for posting, I want to say first of all that someone does care about you and that is why they are writing this response and I know I am not the only one. Here you have or will find friends, you are loved and valued, your life is valued and I need you to know that. I do understand the need for this in real life too and I understand its hard for you and many others who do not have a lot of family or friends around them to feel like they have a caring support system but it must be lovely to have your partner call you a few times a day just to see how you are. I can see how frustrated you are with your church or religion in general and it seems you have been really let down, is it by the people at your church or are you exhausted by the system itself? People can most certainly be toxic there is no doubt about it but there are also some beautiful, kind and loving people out there and we have the most amazing world, its just isnt looked after very well. Come and have a chat with us on twitch if you want to sometime during our heartsupprt stream. ill pop the link below. Take care Lisa x


Unfortunately i do not have the avaliability to jump on the Twitch stream while im at work 8-6 so always reaching out to people that will listen and understand what is going on.


Hi Friend, Thats ok, it was just a suggestion, obviously not everyone has time to be on the computer during live streams but I hope some of the other words of kindness or encouragement have been of help to you at this time. x