Toxicity at my Job


I am possibly at the point where I want to quit my part-time job. But at the same time, I don’t.
I love it there but hate the toxicity that happens here and there.

So out of the blue, my Coworker left/quit. I heard bits and pieces. Didnt think it would be so soon. It was 2 days before I heard about this before I came back to work because of school. The Friday I came back I noticed them (let’s call them X) and their kid (let’s call them A) weren’t there. both X and A have only been here since June/July. yes my coworker and X had issues which I think were resolved … Anywho, When I showed up Friday I heard the coworker talking to another coworker about X and A . Saying X has Issues Mentally, and that X goes after the kid rather than their kid (A). , I know that’s not true, I’ve seen the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.
I don’t know how I feel about X, and A leaving and they were one of my favs.

What do I do? Do I do my best to let everything “slide” or just try my best to ignore it? I don’t think I should go to management about this cause I feel like they have a thing to do with this. I don’t know.


Hey friend,

Thanks for coming here and sharing your story.

It sucks that you’re favorite people at work left. Sometimes work is less about what you do and more about the people you get to do it with.

What I will say, though, is that it’s really important to do your best with keeping personal life and work seperate. Sometimes it can lead to very akward situations that you find yourself in the middle of.

If this is someting of a serious issue, i’d talk to your ex coworkers directly.

I hope this helps just a little bit.

Hello, I understand that you are concerned about your coworkers, but it’s hard to understand what to do without the entire story. Therefore, I’d reach out to them directly?

I think you should try asking these coworkers not to talk about their ex-coworker like that and not to gossip about something they don’t know the situation of. You should also keep in mind that they maybe saw something different than you did and perhaps it’s not even a gossip at all.
And yeah, management probably wouldn’t do anything about it unless it actually goes against their policy.

I hope this helped.

hey @I-Am-Reclaimer ,
Thank you for reaching out with Advice. I appreciate it very much. Sadly I have no way of contacting them due to me not having their number.

@cit_OK ,
hi, sadily i have no way of contacting them to get their side of the story the only time i would see things in a good way is when im there and not at my college campus so yeah . As it is rightnow , i am trying to move past this and look forward from now on .

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Update friday 12/08 is my last day got an email that they dont need a 3rd person in the classroom … it really hurts me that it couldnt get a permanent spot .
i had an option i was given i dont know if i want to do it now .

it is what it is .

Hey there @all_around_ashley :green_heart:

Your situation at work sounds pretty challenging indeed. Toxicity in the workplace, is challenging, and I too know this from volunteering in a toxic team previously. It’s understandable that you feel conflicted about the situation, made worse by the fact that the situation concerns a colleague you are quite fond of. The decision to leave or remain in a job is significant, and it’s commendable that you are looking at your options.

Firstly, you have to acknowledge your own feelings, and put toxicity second to your wellbeing. If a work environment is negative, it’s bound to impact your mental health, so putting yourself first is important. Ultimately, the crux of this decision is whether the positive outweighs the negative. Ultimately the question should be - “do I love my job?”

Regarding your coworker’s departure, and the horrific rumours surrounding it, gossip and misinformation are challenging to navigate. The best thing you can do is keep a balanced judgement and not let heresay cloud your judgement. If your coworker had issues with X that were supposedly resolved, it might be beneficial to approach X directly to gain a better understanding of the situation.

The best way that conflict can be resolved is through communication. Expressing your concerns to X might shed light on any misunderstandings that might’ve arisen. Potentially, there could be underlying issues that need to be addressed. However, I understand that you said in your update, that you have no way of contacting them.

Deciding whether to escalate the situation to management is delicate. If management is a contributing factor to the toxicity, it’s understandable that you would hesitate to raise it to them. If you’re experiencing significant distress and believe that the situation is affecting the overall workplace culture, it may be worth documenting specific instances of toxicity and discussing your concerns with a trusted higher-up or HR representative.

I hope this is useful :heart: