Trapped in my body

I feel trapped by my disabilities I feel like I’ll never live on my own away from my family the system is in such a way that I can never get a leg up on my situation keep too much money in my bank account loose my income have a home in your name lose ur income have too many people live with you lose your income try and keep money in cash lose your Income the only way you can save is with a specific type of savings account where the government watches your purchases it’s all so shitty and rigged I’m stuck Because my disabilities arnt temporary even if I’m making progress with my depression and anxeity all’s it takes is one bad spiral to put me back years I’m so tired of feeling trapped like this


I don’t blame you for being frustrated. The system really does suck. There might be some “workarounds,” other disabled people have found. If you’re part of a support group for the disabled, they might have some strategies to share with you.

I hope talking with us here can help you feel less trapped. The one thing others can’t lock down is your mind. We’re kind of homebound, and we spend a lot of time looking at nature programs. It helps a bit. In my mind, I can imagine being in those nature scenes and it helps me feel peaceful.

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Hey Friend,
i feel sorry to hear that. if there is a resource near you, where you can join like a self help group for people
with disabilities ? to share and also hear their stories ? or an online community to talk ? if this is possible
for you, what i hope, you can also join our discord server.
Thank you a lot for sharing, thank you for being here with us. we care about you and want to hear your
story and worries. if there is anything we can help you with, we are here.
you matter my friend, have a nice day and feel hugged,

Im curious, how does keeping money in cash cause you to lose your income? Ive never been on disability, so I always figured it like being paid under the table so to speak.

I am starting to feel more and more like you as my Cerebral Palsy symptoms get more prominent as I age. I have found that reaching out to people woth similar difficulties helps a fair bit. Maybe try to find an online community center around your disability. Often times other users will have specific coping strategies and can point you in the right direction to find help with your needs.

When you have SSI (supplemental security income) you can’t have more than $2k (that’s the amount for my partner I don’t know if its dif in other states) in your bank account. If you go over, your benefits can be stopped or you can even owe money back. My partner is on it so he has to be careful that on the last day of the month his account is under $2k.

It’s up to the individual to report cash, but most people prob don’t.

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Yea, thats what I was I was thinking, cash on hand. I know you cant have over a certain amount in your bank.

You can’t have a certain amount in your bank account but if you get caught not reporting cash of a sizable amount you can get arrested and charged with fraud

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Gotcha. Wasn’t sure. I’ve known people in the oast who didn’t report their cash. Makes sense it being considered fraud though. That does make things tough.