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Traum possibly?

So my brothers dog knocked over the grill tonight and my brother comes storming In the house pissed off slamming things and stuff and I just feel so upset over it all even tho I’m not involved at all and my brother has never abused me but I just instantly wanted to start crying

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Hi Derpplup

That sounds like it was a pretty rough night. Hope you’re feeling better today. It sounds like you were not dealing well with the angry response of your brother at all. Is he angry like that often? Or did you deal with that type of anger from a family member when you were younger?

You’re totally justified to feel discomfort or even fear in response to that kind of rage. In your shoes I would have retreated away from them for sure.

Have you considered talking to your brother about how his behavior made you feel? If your relationship with him feels safe to do so I would recommend it. Maybe he doesn’t realize what his actions are doing to those around him.

Yeah we both come a dysfunctional home so we had parents that dident handle things well

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Yeah that makes it harder, since you had that past. It’s like growing up with dysfunctional parents they don’t teach you to be healthy adults so you have to learn on your own later than other people. Just be gentle with yourself and make sure to take time to work through your feelings. Sometimes a slamming door or loud noise can trigger unexpected feels.

Sounds like you at least have your brother. I hope you two are able to work through these moments and come out better for it if you can.

It’s what we are trying to do he’s trying to be the parent mine weren’t

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