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So I had an interesting conversation with my girlfriend. She mentioned that it seems like depression is a trend these days. To br honest I can see that with some people
Like I know some people who will say they have depression but I think they mistake it for being sad and attention. Like I know depression, not showering, not moving from a bed all day, not being able to move cuz the weight is too much
Do you think some people use it as a way for attention? I hope not because what I struggle with is real and alot dont get what I say

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I think their alot depressed people out, before it was not talk about as much, now people are being more open about which is a good. However, everyone can get depressed, but thier being sad and being not able to do anything like you. Overall, I do feel people have these feelings.

There will always be someone out there who needs attention or may or may not claim mental health disabilities when they don’t actually have them. But it doesn’t take away from those who really suffer these things.

I try not to judge even those who seek out attention. It’s annoying and frustrating, but I simply try not to feed it. But I try not to judge because if they are needing attention…then there is obviously something wrong in their life. Or they wouldn’t need it. We can’t judge people or their lives where we have no idea why they are acting as they are. We can’t possibly know what their life is like to cause them to act that way.

All that we can do is surround ourselves with healthy people and keep our focus on ourselves, our own problems and not associate with people that may be a toxicity or negativity towards us.

There are a lot of people who will lash out for attention. And a lot of people who play around pretending to have chronic and mental illness. But we can’t ever truly know what’s going on. So if you ever feel someone is just asking for attention just know you don’t have to give them your energy. It’s better to just move on and say nothing. Instead of potentially hurting someone we don’t know anything about. (:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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