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Trevor Fan #16

3yrs. (Almost) Clean from cutting but in the heat of the moment during a argument I had to stop myself from cutting my arm with a plastic knife. I’ve seen a decline in my progress after finally having a few weeks of not thinking about my self harm


Thank you for being vulnerable and transparent with what you are going through and how you feel. I would encourage you in knowing you are not alone in how you feel and what you are experiencing. You have community here to support you to fight against these thoughts and feelings and know that you matter. Your voice matters. The value you bring by being a human alone is massive. Continue to fight against these and surround yourself with genuine people who want to invest and listen to your hurt and walk through this with you as well as resources to help. You can overcome this, stay strong!


Hey friend,

Congratulations for those - almost - three years. That’s huge. But also, congratulations for being aware of how you’ve been feeling recently and how recovery looks like to you these days. Recovery is made of so many different seasons. I guess, sometimes we feel more vulnerable, sometimes stronger. And triggers, such as an argument, can be tough to deal with. But friend, you’ve been able to stop yourself, to gather enough strength to reach out as well and share about what’s going on. Those years you’ve been through, fighting and building so much strength for your health, your well-being, for you, are something you can be proud of. You are strong. And that includes your vulnerability. When you feel at the edge of hurting yourself, please keep reaching out. Keep surrounding yourself with people who understand and support you, also with healthy coping tools.

You are loved. You are seen. And what you’re going through matters.
We believe in you. :heart:

Hey @Trevor_Fans

Congrats on your (almost 3 years) of not cutting. It takes alot to break away from the habit because it is sometimes drawn into our regular routine whenever things become tough or as you said an argument happens. In the heat of the moment you went to what felt safe to do which is okay due to the fact that you noticed what you were doing consciously. Progress takes time due to the fact that after awhile things tend to plateau but it is the constant acknowledgment of what triggers the habit and how you react that allows for being “clean.”

Keep holding strong even though this seems like a little hic-cup

You are loved