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I feel like I’m not sure what I’m doing with my life, everything seems so uncertain with the pandemic and I just want to trust God


I relate to this so much and its been hard. Hold fast, we can get through this together.

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Hey friend,

Trusting God takes time, patience, and being willing to love Him since sometimes past hurts/ trauma reflects how we interact with Him. The whole pandemic is messing up social interaction and relationships.


“How can faith carry on if doubt did not exist?” Marathon by August Burns Red

First and foremost, you are far from alone with those emotions. This pandemic has flipped the lives of millions and some are better at pretending than others. In this chaotic new world it may seem like our lives will never be the same. Change is inevitable, but change also leads to growth; change pushes us to overcome and conquer despite the challenges life throws our way. I know these conditions may seem unreasonable and illogical, but it is important to rest in Gods sovereignty. It is easy to lose sight of hope but gratitude for the present will combat the uncertainty. The fact that you have the present and strength to seek help is proof that God has faith in you. I wish I had more to say but I hope those words offer some relief. Your struggles are seen and are not in vain, stay strong friend and remember you are not alone.