Trevor Fan #18

My faith is very low, I have been struggling to believe in God and I want my faith back


Hey friend,

Keep holding fast and coming back to the altar of God. I have hit that point also where the struggle to love God every day is hard. No one has taken your faith from you at all but I will pray that encouragement comes. Reading through the Psalms helps as well. He will never leave you nor forsake you through the storm that is happening in your life.

Love you

Talking to him throughout the day always helps me feel closer . Seriously about whatever even really small stuff. I think Everyone who believes go through periods of time where you feel far away from god . For me it’s because I’m not actively listening to him . That small voice that tells you to do something and you ignore it because you want to do what you want generally ends up with me later thinking I should of listened better . I’m here if you want to talk about anything. All my love T :hugs:

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