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I feel like my life doesn’t have a purpose. I’ve messed up too many times and now I don’t belong here a anymore.


We all have purpose. There is no such thing as messing up too many times. You do belong. Every one has a reason for being here, it just takes some longer than others to find that reason. Im 27 and I still dont know what I’m meant for. I thought I was going to be a lawyer. I worked all throughout high school and college pushing for that goal, and then I was kicked out of law school. It took me a long time to come to terms with that. And there are still times I think about it and get angry, but thats okay. It’s okay to not know what you were made for. It’s okay to feel like you don’t belong. Just remember that everything comes in due time. It may not be the time we want, but it’s the in the timing we need.

This song helped me out after I was kicked from law school and taught me that eventually everything works out.


Hey friend.

I can certainly relate to feeling like not having purpose. I lived feeling that way for so many years. Till about 3 years ago. I got tired of feeling that way and made some changes and started to find things I am passionate about.

We have all messed up. I know I have. We all make mistakes. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be here. Remember to forgive yourself my friend. You deserve to be loved, you deserve to be forgiven. You matter. You are important. You deserve to be heard. We can’t change our past. But we can control our today and tomorrow. See where you have made mistakes and grow from them <3 Make changes and improvements to where you have slipped.

Stay Strong
~Kitty :hrtlegolove:

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Gosh, this is so relatable…feeling like life is a current dragging everyone along, and somehow you got stuck in an eddy on the shoreline, and now you’re watching everyone else find purpose and life and love and things that satisfy them, and somehow you’re forgotten, and you can’t seem to kick yourself back into the current, and even if you did, you’d be so far behind that it feels like it doesn’t even matter…like there’s nothing that could ever catch you up or fill the sails of your life again…they are torn, and you are stuck, and you don’t even know if it’s worth it to try to catch back up.