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Trevor Fan #9

I feel unsuccessful.

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Why do you feel this ? Because of school? Because of sentimental life? Because of your parents? Because of something else?

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Hey friend,

I’m sorry that you are struggling and feeling unsuccessful. I can certainly relate to that feeling. Know that you aren’t alone and you are always welcome to come on the forums and share your heart. No judgement.

You are deserving of love. You deserve to be heard. Be sure to give yourself grace. You matter and what you are struggling with matters.

We are here. :hrtlegolove:

Stay strong.

Such a looming cloud when you feel like every day you walk outside others are more successful than you…like every project you work on never comes to the full fruition of what you wished it would be…like every time you scroll through social media, everyone else seems to be rocketing ahead of where you are in life. It can be a brutal experience feeling like the forecast every day is: totally inadequate.

I know that feeling on most days of my life too. Fighting insecurity and feelings of failure can be such a brutal fight. It feels like you can’t escape those thoughts over and over…and one of the biggest things I realized is that those thoughts are primarily being generated from me. Which means it’s not like I could escape them, run away from them, stuff them down permanently, etc. They will always resurface because I’m always with myself. Meaning I had to go to the ROOT of the problem…solving it externally wouldn’t be possible, because all I’ve learned to do is to criticize myself. No matter how much success I get, I still judge myself. So I had to start to learn a different way to relate to myself in order to change.

One good step is to try this exercise.

It’s something you can do right now and will help you begin to practice the mental shift between criticizing yourself and a new perspective.

Hope this helps, but certainly hope I can encourage you that you’re not alone.


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hey friend,
you do belong. you do matter. we love you so much