Trip in 31 days


31 days I am facing one of my biggest fears and that’s flying, but on one hand I’m still scared.

I’m scared that the person I’ll be visiting will hate me, not love me for who I am, and not like me.

Just honestly right now, any and all support will be accepted.


Everything will be okay! It’s natural to be nervous and unsure about things, and I know it can be scary, but I truly believe that things will be fine for you.

This community is here for you!


Thanks so much friend. Yeah, I just hope that this will be a fun trip.

Spending 500 plus, sooo I hope my trip is well worth it.


Hey there Duck,

I remember going on my first plane ride in 2020 and I was nervous as all get out but once in the air I was able to relax and watch things on my iPad and phone.

Remember to breath as you take off because for most people that is the worst part.

Much love, Zephirah


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