Trouble explaining

i’m having trouble figuring out what is wrong with me. i go through periods of sort of an empty feeling but i have all of my feelings and i know that they’re there, i just don’t feel them?? my eyes feel empty and my head feels like it weighs less in a mental sense. i look lifeless. it’s harder to understand peoples emotions like this and i’m very neutral on a lot of things too. i know this isn’t what i’m normally like, it feels different which is why i don’t know what it is. i still feel sad but i can’t cry. i feel anger as well and happiness when it comes from my friend. i guess these are the three staple emotions but it’s all that i feel. the only time i’m able to really cry is if i’m extremely extremely upset or frustrated or having pms symptoms and my hormones being out of wack and messing with me. what’s wrong with me? also the periods of emptiness used to be frequent but it hasn’t gone away in a month or two


Hi echo
Nice new profile pic :slightly_smiling_face:. I was feeling the exact same way yesterday. @Micro knows :wink:. She was helping me get through it. These episodes of numbness happen to people who suffer from some kind of severe mental illness. Like depression, BPD, schizophrenia or any other. I can tell you what helps me go through these stanges. First lemon… yeah I try to eat a piece of lemon. It is very sour and the taste is intense so it helps you feel something. Washing your hands, face or feet in cold water. Again it is an interse sensation. Spicy food, hot tea or coffee, strong smells like parfumes or some vegetables. Getting some fresh air. Going for a walk. If you feel like it working out helps too. These are the things that me and other people find helpful. Try them out. Maybe not all of them but some of them might work. :slightly_smiling_face: I hope this helped at least a bit. Keep us updated. If these dont work we will figure out something else. :wink:


…I kid you not I do all of these things on a daily normal basis. I ate a lemon like three hours ago, always shower/wash my hands in cold water, smell my dads coffee every morning as he makes it/my sisters perfume when she goes out/food from when i’m cooking, and I take my dog on walks everyday. That’s actually crazy…. But none of this helps. I tried the whole “exercise helps depression” thing and it did absolutely nothing other than make my legs sore lol. I never understood how it’s meant to help.


I’ve been thinking I could possibly have BPD for like a year but was unsure cause I don’t fit the symptom of having outbursts or uncontrollable rage but I also guess I’m not really one who can decide that since i’m not a mental health professional. I just most all of the symptoms and i’ve read that having both ADHD and BPD is common so idk. I don’t want to self diagnose myself or anything, especially with such an intricate disorder so eh. Only reason I even truly think it could be BPD is because I don’t think i’m depressed anymore. Sure, i’m not happy all of the time but i’m not sad all of the time either. I’m not suicidal unless something happens but idk. Maybe it’s just not as bad as it used to be and that’s why I don’t think it’s depression anymore?


Hi @echo

Big hugs. I’m sorry you’re feeling so empty, it’s a horrible thing to have to deal with. Chronic emptiness is one of my major symptoms I have because of the BPD, but also depression a couple other disorders contribute to it. I don’t really know how to get over it other than therapy and I really feel for you because it freaking sucks.

From your description of your symptoms it sounds close to Anhedonia, but who knows right?

I wish I could take it all away from you :hrtlegolove:


yeah, i suppose it is like that. i find happiness in anime, video games (mainly watching nowadays), singing along to music, and being in a cold and dark room but for some reason, the things that are actually associated to being happy don’t make me happy, you know? it’s like the only things that make me happy are things that probably shouldn’t. things that aren’t good for me. it’s weird.


There are 9 traits that are associated with BPD and in order to have full BPD you have to have at least 5 of them. You can have BPD traits and not have full BPD. I’ll share this video with you and maybe it will help a bit. I love this Dr and have learned soooo sooooo much from watching his stuff.


thank you for this! yeah, i don’t think i fit the criteria after watching this haha. that’s kind of a relief :sweat_smile: thanks for linking it to me. now i’m just more unsure about why i’m like this though so i suppose i’ll have to keep thinking


Process of illimitation and you’re very welcome and I’m glad you were able to get something out of the video. I have all 9 traits and most are pretty bad, it sucks.


Well you have been through a lot. There is a lot of emotions within you. Our mind cannot handle that much emotion at once. It does not know how to deal with it so it just goes numb. It happends to me too. As a kid I used to be a crybaby, now I hardly ever cry. Sometimes I feel like crying but I am not able to. Nowdays I cry only when someone hurts me badly or when my mind is in so much pain I cant handle it anymore. I just want to tell you that what you are going through is “normal.” So dont worry about not knowing exactly what is causing it. I dont know either. I think in my case it is caused by those inner emotions and my antidepressants but I cant tell for certain.

I am sorry those things dont work for you. I found a video with some tips and explanations. Maybe this will help. :wink: Tips on How to Overcome Emotional Numbness & Dissociation - YouTube


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