Trouble with anger

So for the longest time I’ve suffered with letting my anger for things burn deep down inside me, I’ve never projected this anger at anyone or targeted anybody with it besides myself maybe, but it’s becoming such a terrible burden I put on myself and I don’t know how to just let it go.


That’s got to be hard to live with. I hear about people going into the woods and screaming their heads off. In my case, it would just lead to a sore throat. One thing that helps me is taking long walks.

As you have already mentioned, you have never projected this anger to anyone else, yet you are burdening yourself with it. Consider being as nice to yourself as you are to others.

What purpose does holding on to anger serve? Does it involve repetition of upsetting thoughts? There is a level of mind that makes no distinction between present experience, memory, motion pictures, or even something that’s been read. For that reason, recalling an upsetting incident, as far as that portion of mind is concerned, is currently happening. That’s why the heart races when reading a suspenseful part of a book, or you get emotionally involved with a movie.

Is it possible that some thoughts or memories are triggering the anger as though the event is occurring right in front of you? That has happened to me plenty of times. I think just knowing how the thought process triggers emotions such as anger, helps to make the feelings more manageable.

Take care.


Hello lonelyfreak!

I know how that can feel, because it does become a huge burden on you, and you need to get it out. There are a lot of ways to get it out though, whether it be going for a run, playing a game, or even just listening to music. That’s what helps me sometimes. I’ll literally put my airpods in, cover my eyes, and just listen to metal for about 30 minutes and I do feel a bit better afterwards, but that’s just for me. Everyone is different. Think about what makes you feel calm, and try to pinpoint and focus on that if possible.



Hey lonely, Thank you for posting and I think its very brave to talk about something you have kept to yourself. I am sure it can be frightening to have those feelings even when you don’t react. The burden is real and its one you shouldnt have to carry alone. I have popped a link here for you to look at, at you leisure. Much Love Lisa. x


hey sweet friend,

thank you for coming here to express these feelings. i’m also thankful you hold back from releasing them on another person but it’s also hard when we hold things in - it becomes suffocating. i think letting anger go effectively varies from person-to-person due to what may work best for you. things such as creative expression, cathartic writing, and even de-escalation techniques (breathing deeply, stepping away from anger-triggering situations, or speaking to others about it. i wish you all the best in finding a method that works best for your heart and mind.