Trouble with Relationship and ranting

Ive had a problem thats happened more than once and now were trying to solve it and I don’t know what to do. Im stuck in a home that leads to conflicts happening a lot causing me to rant about what happened to my partner often, he’s recently shared how this affects him negatively. I try not to rant but I know its what makes me feel better and I don’t know how else to rant, I write them down but that doesn’t help much nor dose it give me advice back on what happened, I don’t know if I can rant here for advice or where else I could do it. i don’t want to just find another singular person to rant to because then it would put that emotional burden on them and I don’t want to do that to someone much less a friend. What do I do?


Hi @PhoenixL its good to meet you and thank you for your post.
Its very hard when you are stuck inside with other people however much you care for them, there will will stress and inevitably you will annoy one another and conflicts will indeed arise so that is perfectly normal, however ranting and raving albeit fairly common is actually pretty unhealthy for both you and the people around you, so I am not sure that just finding another space to do it is the answer to the problem but maybe finding another way to deal with your frustrations is.
I do wonder if talking to someone is a good idea, talking to someone who isnt so close to home, even a counselor or therapist who deals with anger related troubles may be a plan for you.
Or you could consider doing some meditation to relax yourself, to clear your mind of the clutter and stress of the things that are annoying you.
When you rant, you get anxious, your blood pressure goes up and your stress levels go up, I’m not sure that’s making you better but sitting and deep breathing, relaxing or talking calmly about what is bothering you would so maybe its worth a try. I would love to know if any of that works.
Take care and Breathe.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


is the source of this other people in the house? You can rant here, we’re all willing to listen and give feedback, or just listen to you and let you know we care.

Rant is a popularly used word. What does it mean when you use it? and is it on a daily basis that you need to unburden yourself?

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@Sita Sorry for replying so late, life got in the way but if you mean my friends and the others to rant to by other people then no, there not in the house. The only people in the house are the ones I’m gaining the conflicts with. That being my parents and sibling. To your other question to me ranting or what I consider ranting is just talking to someone about what happened instead of just keeping it in, getting feedback on it and also letting go of that anger sometimes. It lets me get the opinion of someone whos not biased due to emotions helping me know if what happened is really something I should’ve gotten angry over as I deal with anger issues and a lack of understanding what is a normal interaction and what isn’t normal due to discovering what I found normal to be the furthest thing from normal. To the last question, it is around a daily thing. Sometimes its just a minor argument or annoyance and others its something huge leading to me being emotionally distraught and more than likely crying.

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