Truma flashback

Hay guys while I’m back this time talk about a recent event that has caused truma form a past event that happened to me, unfortunately we had a teacher at my local hight school who was a new teacher at the time when I was a senior in hight school last year who decided to have inappropriate conduct with students and unfortunately my firends have been victims of him and I don’t know how to help them and am angry about it and pray for justice, and unfortunately has brought back memories of my truma with the person who hurt me when I was a child, and it has caused a lot of anxiety and sleep issues I barely functioning right now because of it all, just so overwhelmed with emsonal and feel anger that the school can’t keep students safe. I just don’t know how I feel at this point but this Situation has derailed my mental health


There was a time in my childhood when I was being molested both at home and at school. I was too terrified to talk about it. One day, the police came and removed the teacher from the classroom. The molestation at home continued. I did not receive help, and it took years before I felt as though I could manage the emotional effects.

It sounds to me as though both you and your high school friends need some kind of counseling or therapy. The school should pay for the counseling. If the school does not take responsibility and pay, a lawyer needs to get involved.

Sometimes, schools take measures to keep students safe, after some students have already been hurt. It really isn’t fair that students should be made to go somewhere that doesn’t feel safe. It definitely takes a toll on mental health.

Consider though, now that you and the other students are aware of this safety risk, you can stay together, and avoid locations in which you feel vulnerable.

As an understanding friend, your presence is very helpful. You can acknowledge their feelings, and let them know that it’s okay to express them. There is a strong possibility that as you help them, you will also be helping yourself to heal.

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So sorry to hear about your experience, yes can be hard to help another person in need of rescue and to feel hopeless can be draining and overwhelmed. I hope you get the strength to over come Trauma one day at a time. You also can speak with @heartsupportwall_Fans for some support. You matter, u are valued.


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Im so sorry to hear about your trauma and your friend, it takes courage to come forward and talk about it especially in an event like that. School usually does take measure if spoken, speak and will set you free, yes it will be a battle but justice must be serve for peace and freedom. I hope and pray for a solution, be strong @kaitlin .


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