Trusting God is hard, but it is possible

These past two weeks, I had gone through moments I never thought I would go through. Losing another pet dog who passed way, had frustrated moments at the airports, getting nervous, getting sick after my vacation, feeling anxious, sad, crying, negative thoughts, getting overwhelmed, and I wanted to fall apart. I didn’t. I prayed to God several times to help me to get through it. He did. I thank Him. He is so good to me. Regardless of what anyone says. I know He will never let me down. I just got to trust Him. It is a must. I hope everyone is having a great week. Thank you for taking your time of day to read my post. God bless. Stay strong. :relieved:


Thank you for sharing so powerful and a good reminder to myself to not lose my faith but keep seeking it. Keep coming back to God. Glad things are working out and you are seeing God at work.

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