Trying to heal from an abusive relationship

I got out of a 4 month long abusive relationship a little over a month ago. Im trying to heal from it mentally and its been really hard. I thought i was over the hump about two weeks ago but lately ive been having nightmares about my ex, i thought i was past it but its been proving much harder to heal from it then i thought it would. Its been making me think about relapsing from self harm because thats the only thing i can think of that would help me at the moment. The nightmares keep messing with my head and its hard to handle. Does anyone have any advice or support?


I had I major break up about 6 months ago out of a three year relationship. Its been terribly rough and I’m still picking the pieces up. I still have nightmares occasionally but they are few now. Its hard friend but with support friends and this page and my motorcycle it has made it easierish? What I’m saying is. You are going to have your down days and your up days you just gotta take them as they come but it will get better each and everyday that you get up. Hold fast my friend keep your head up, you are amazing. Thank you for reaching out

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Hey friend,

I know how you feel. The last ~6 months of my four year long relationship with my ex was abusive. It’s been about a year since I’ve broken up with him but I still struggle with everything that happened. The best thing for me was having a supportive group around me and going back to therapy. I still struggle with a lot of the things that happened, but now I’m better equipped to deal with the memories and feelings. If you’re considering self harm, you can get a copy of HS’s book ReWrite. If money is an issue, you can get a copy for free. Hope this helps.

<3 hold fast <3