Trying to love myself

Hi, it’s me again. Wow it’s been a long time…
I came to visit my family for a while and i haven’t feel right the way that all my family talk about my body, i know that i can ignore them, sounds easy, but is not to me…
Seeing all the days all the food that i have to eat makes me anxious, i don’t wanna eat all that, i have to eat all that because they say i’m thin. I have problems with the food, i can’t see a lot of food in my dish, i have to eat a little bit of food and then i can have another serving.
They say that i don’t have butt and boobs and it makes me feel bad.
Fuck i’m trying to love myself, stop talking about how much eat, that i have or not this.
I’m afraid to go back home with my nuclear family, but i wanna leave my extense family, because i can’t tolerate anyone.


You don’t need to look attractive to be good!!! I don’t know what stupid things these folks think, but the truth is that how you treat others is all that matters. My parents also force me to eat because I am underweight, and I’ll tell you when I figure out something to do about that.


Thank you gorgeous♡
Idk, they talk a lot about how i look, maybe they are jealous, because they are not thin.
I am underweight too, but i swear that i eat a lot, i do my exercises or if i eat a little bit and nothing, i still being thin and i don’t care. Thank you.:heart:
Wherever you are, i hope you be okay and you can be happy. :heart:
Send you a hug and a lot of blessings.:sparkling_heart::two_hearts::two_hearts:


I’m so sorry that they’re acting like that towards you. It’s hurtful - and it’s not something family should do. Just know that all that matters is how you feel about yourself. You come first - not their opinions. Take it slow with your food.

Thank you for reaching out here. I’m sending you many hugs.


Thank you, i haven’t feeling right. I been with a bad relationship with the food 3 years ago and they notice my problem, but don’t wanna eat a lot, it makes me anxious every time that i start to think about what they say about my body and how much eat…
I’m tired and i wanna hurt myself…
They don’t get it, i don’t trust in my family, no one. Except my boyfriend, he always tell me how beautiful i am and that he loves my body. He makes me feel safe and pretty.
I wanna get out of my home. :frowning:
Thank you, here are a lot of people who understand each other and i love this site.
Send you a big hug too beautiful woman.:heart::heart::heart:


Hey there,

So glad to have you here with us and sharing this with us! Thank you for being here. That must have been so very hurtful to hear such harsh words from your family. Family should be a source that builds you up and supports you on your journey to self love. Self love is one of the hardest things in my opinion and is a journey I have been on for many years. Some days are easier than others but it is something I think is a constant work in progress and that is ok!

Despite what your family says to you, your worth is not dependent on your looks. You are beautiful just as you are for who you are. Their words do not need to take hold of your mind and become a stumbling block. No doubt those words were hurtful and it is okay to be hurt and recognize that you are. However, you can challenge those thoughts that say they are right. Anxiety around food is such a hard battle because food is all around us and is an every day thing. So for people who struggle with food anxiety, it makes every day things very difficult and people who have never experienced that don’t understand that battle. Your efforts to love yourself will pay off. Your strength is very evident in that! I very much believe in you as we all do!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

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Hi Hannah! :heart:
Thanks to you for your answer.
Yes, but i have special people around me that support me and i love this site, there are a lot of kind persons who support each other.
They don’t get it…
Is so hard for me, but i know that one day, i’m gonna love myself and anything is gonna hurt me like this day.
Thank you beautiful woman, i don’t know how to ignore them.
I’m fighting, but one day i’be better.
Thank you so much for your lovely words, thank you for believe in me, you are so special. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Send you a warm hug and i wish you the best. :heart:

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Of course! I am so glad you are here and are part of the community! You are so important and wonderful and I truly do believe you will be able see that in yourself and learn to love yourself. Your strength and determination to do so is so very evident so I have no doubt about it! You can truly do this. Myself and the rest of the community will be here to help support you on that journey as best we can!

I am thinking of you my friend. Much love!

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